EVICTION: Ithaca College

Ten players (who were almost all alumni of Ithaca College) played a very strategic game of Eviction this past weekend 오라클 10g 리눅스.

In this game with constantly shifting alliances, a hidden power that players searched for throughout the house, and plenty of twists and turns, it was Cary Kingdom who came out as the winning player, beating out runner-up Rachel Koller in the final vote Download the movie trolls.



  Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Round 7 Round 8 Round 9 Finals
Cary Nominated HOH Cucci Jess Nominated (Void) Rachel HOH Nominated HOH Winner
Rachel Jake Anthony Rachel HOH Dan Nominated Nominated Colleen HOH Nominated Runner-Up
Dan Cary Colleen Nominated Burt Evicted HOH Brad Colleen Evicted Cary
Colleen HOH Nominated HOH Burt Cary (Void) Jess Nominated Evicted Rachel
Brad Jake Anthony Cucci Burt Dan Nominated Coup D’eTat* Evicted Cary
Jess Jake Anthony Dan Nominated HOH (Void) Evicted Cary
Burt Jake Anthony Dan Evicted Cary
Cucci Jake Anthony Evicted Cary
Anthony Cary Evicted Rachel
Jake Evicted
Key Head Of Household Nominated Power of Veto Winner Original Nominee (saved by POV) Evicted

The names in the table refer to who each player voted to evict, or in the final round, who the player voted to win the game Download javascript csv.

*In this game, there was a hidden power known as the Coup D’eTat which allowed a player to cancel the HOH’s two nominees and choose two replacement nominees (not including the HOH or the POV winner), effectively making them the new HOH 폰으로 이미지. Once found, the Coup D’eTat could be held by the player until they feel it is in their best interest to use it. Brad found the Coup D’eTat and used it in Round 6 to change the HOH’s nominees 얼라이드 어썰트.



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