On Friday, Reality Rush ran a custom team-building event for the Executive Staff of Teach For America on the sunny beaches of Santa Monica, California vmware workstation 12 pro 다운로드! TFA was holding their annual staff training retreat and Reality Rush came in to run an afternoon of team-building challenges for the group.

The TFA Staff split up into five teams including the Yellow Team, Green Team, Gray Team, Red Team and Blue Team Download Monster Hunter Stories Ride On. After some hard-fought competitions that challenged their mental, physical, and teamwork skills, as well as reinforced the five TFA “Core Values,” it was the Blue Team that came out on top and won the coveted “Copa de Core Values” trophy 공각기동대 1995 다운로드.

Thanks to our TFA group for a great afternoon!


Reality Rush’s Grand Opening Event was a huge success and we can’t wait for more to come Download Today's TV! On Saturday, 21 teams of two competed in an afternoon urban adventure / scavenger hunt where they explored Los Angeles by solving clues and completing challenges Download the Windows 10 Store.

Congratulations to all of our URBAN HUNT participants, especially team Hundglauskas for their impressive first place victory, and team Hair Club For Men for winning the Costume Contest 7 downloads of Stäublig! We hope everyone enjoyed the adventure, meeting new friends, and discovering new parts of Los Angeles!


1. Hundglauskas– Mike Hundgen & John Kazlauskas 2:29:00
2 오토파노 기가. I’m Not Gay But My Partner Is– Felicia Cuesta & Marvin Rocha 3:04:00
3. Hair Club For Men– Paul Miller & Brent Hook 3:04:00
4 보루토 1화 다운로드. FOSX– Mirla Urzua & Adriana Rodriguez 3:05:00
5. One Day FC– Alexis Piazza & Stephanie Widmer 3:07:00
6 draftsight 2018 무료 다운로드. WOL– Heather McManus & Jonathan Lopez 3:37:00
7. G2– Ryan Griswold & Chelsea Griswold 3:37:00
8 Download the large number. SmallScaleProductions.com– Chris Burt & Chris Cucci 3:38:00*
9. Electric Dream Machine– Jim Cartwright & Lauren Wyckoff 3:38:00*
10 Download net framework 3.0. Team BJ– Brianne Trosie & Josh Stickler 3:50:00
11. Sweet Ass– Hamza Maqsodi & Daniel Miller 3:51:00*
12 살육의 천사 한글판. The Time Chasers– Matt Portman & Sean Brogan 3:56:00*
13. Kick Ass– Elizabeth Salanave & Brenda Bower 3:56:00
14 poi 대용량 엑셀 다운로드. The Gorillas– Dabo Kabov & Obai Ahmadi 4:00:00
15. Word On The Streets– Eddie Levine & Genevieve Alexander 4:17:00
16. Real Spunky– Kelly Thompson & Adam Davis 4:45:00
17. Kick Ass– Kristen Cuny & Linn McCuiston 4:51:00*
18. Butt Stutters– Evangeline Fabia & Ronnie Jr 5:05:00*
19. New York A– Jen Schassler & Kevin Gribbin 5:15:00*
20. New York B– Jillian Schassler & Nicole De Palma 5:15:00*
21. Notorious– Charles Suozzi & Bob Salatich 5:40:00*
*Teams that incurred a time penalty for incorrect or missing clues.