URBAN HUNT: Karie Hunt’s Birthday Party

JAN 15, 2011: To ring in her 30th birthday, Karie Hunt gathered together her friends and family for what else — an URBAN HUNT! Teams explored Downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood, and competed in several fun challenges, including a variety of tasks inspired by Minute to Win It. Since several of the teams were from out of town, the race proved to be a challenge and fun way to explore LA.

In the end, the Lucky Lollygaggers came in first place with an impressive time of 3:42…proving that they weren’t lollygagging on the hunt! Afterwards the teams gathered at Casa Restaurant to celebrate Karie’s birthday and trade stories from their afternoons. Happy birthday Karie from everyone at Reality Rush — we hope you had a great party!




1. Lucky Lollygaggers– Bonnie Ratner & Paul Liebeskind 3:42
2. Scarecrow and Scarecrow– Jeff Amos & Meggan Amos 4:08
3. Companions– Keely Williams & Eric Hunt 4:09
4. Hitchhikers– Karie Hunt, Louis Goldberg & Dan Cooley 4:18
5. Team Awesome– Jillian Johnston & Steve Revacona 4:23
6. Wig & Boa– Eric Wiser & Jace Vargas 4:24
7. Evabella– Sheri Neva & Jen McGuire 5:05*
8. Presidential Robot Slaves– Mike D’Alonzo & Dana Vinson DNF
9. Jackie Jormp Jomp– Rex Edwards & Corey Schaffer DNF
10. Texas Authentic– Gage Hunt & Lauren Hunt DNF
*Teams that incurred a time penalty for incorrect or missing clues.