URBAN HUNT: Los Angeles – April 10th, 2011

It was a fun Sunday Urban Hunt yesterday, when twenty-three teams of Yelpers competed in an exclusive Yelp hunt! Contestants ranged in age from 13 years old to 67, so we had quite a bit of age diversity among a very competitive group racers. Teams included pirates, a Team P.M.S. (“Potty Mouth Sistas”), and even two Charlie Sheen-inspired teams that happened to pick the same team name: “Duh, Winning!”

Our costume contest ended up going to team Ships Ahoy, a pair of pirates who swashbuckled their way around Downtown LA and took many great photos of themselves doing various pirate hijinx throughout the city. The runners-up were Team P.M.S., whose funny t-shirts and outgoing attitudes almost got them the win.

In the first time in Urban Hunt history, we had an all-female team come in first place! The winning team was Shannon and Melissa Sardella, of team Forza Sardella. They credit their win to their Italian roots, and they wore matching t-shirts adorned with Italian flags and other symbols of Italy.

Second place went to teams DFU (Danielle Deveau & Lorenzo Patricio), who are friends and kickball teammates.

Third went to WoMo (Jim Taney & Danielle Lay), who wore Lakers shirts in support of their favorite LA basketball team.

At the finish line, teams turned Big Wangs into quite an after party, so thanks to everyone who stuck around!

We had a great time running this Urban Hunt, and we hope you had a great time too.



1. Forza Sardella – Shannon Sardella & Melissa Sardella 2:54
2. DFU – Danielle Deveau & Lorenzo Patricio 3:02
3. WoMo – Jim Taney & Danielle Lay 3:04
4. Duh, Winning! – Brian Habermann & Annie Habermann 3:10
5. Outsourced – Amish Majmundar & Jessica Lau 3:13
6. Duh…Winning! – Tuanhuy Nguyenba & Christina Chan 3:12
7. Celtic Ninjas – Hazel Paraoan & John Brookins 3:19
8. The Charles Barkleys – Sergio Ponce & Audrey Keebaugh 3:22
9. The Goths – John Wiersma & Zachary Norris 3:33
10. Ships Ahoy – Narek Der-Sahakian & Narineh Shahinian 3:45*
11. ISFLY – Joye Swan & Sean Brandle 3:59
12. Vicious & Delicious – Bernadette Tomas & Patrick Tomas 3:52
13. Da Sistas – Marisa Chien & Elena Chien 3:56
14. Threat Level Midnight – Elizabeth Landau & Nick Davis 4:00
15. Liu-Lee – Roseanney Liu & Sheley Lee 4:02*
16. Team PMS (Potty Mouth Sistas) – Luci DeRose & Sandee Mata 4:14
17. The Honey Badgers – Natalie Vratney & Kelly Rossi 4:15
18. The Most Interesting Team in the World – Aaron Meadows & Caramie Huntington 4:24
19. Houdini’s Hunters – Ira Astrachan & Lee Rachel 4:25
20. The Juicehead Gorillas – Asher Kuny & Shara Krosby 4:45
21. Lige Gore Det! – Kurt Peterson & Melissa Peterson 4:50
22. Team Awesome – Tiffany & Karen 5:00
23. The Stinky Skanks – David Lee & Nammie Doan Nguyen 5:16

*Teams who received a time penalty for incomplete or incorrect clues.



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