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URBAN HUNT: Los Angeles – May 1st, 2011 | Reality Rush

URBAN HUNT: Los Angeles – May 1st, 2011

Forty-seven teams competed in Urban Hunt: Los Angeles on Sunday, in a fun-filled day of challenges, puzzles and exploring the city!

Teams came dressed as court jesters, mimes, the Mario Brothers, and their favorite movie characters from films like The Big Lebowski and A Clockwork Orange Download the webtoon armed. It was a creative and motley crew to say the least…but they came ready to take on the City of Angels.

Ten teams entered our costume contest, and it came down to our two top contenders: Team Eat Fresh who wore Subway outfits (and you can guess what they were asking the crowd to eat from the picture); and Team Mime Time, who stuck in character — even though they didn’t announce their team name to the crowd, they still came away as the audience favorites. Congrats to mimes Alexandra Volkema and Katie Scheaffer for the win!

The course took teams throughout Downtown Los Angeles, from the Staples Center all the way to Little Tokyo (and to many places in between), and our top team came in with a time of just under three hours 매트랩 학생용 다운로드.

Congratulations Kevin and Angela Wong of team Kandawong for coming in first, with an impressive time of 2 hours and 52 minutes! They credit their win to quickly plotting out the most efficient route and following through on their plan.

Just five minutes later, the second and third place teams, One Cup of Coffee (Eric Medina and Gloria Romero-Medina) and TKO (David & Jocelyn Estiandan) finished right on each other’s heels Download HeroesCharge.

For the first time in Urban Hunt history, our top three teams were all married couples — proving that having a strong relationship and good teamwork are essential ingredients to success in the hunt!

Thanks to all of our competitors on Sunday. We had a great time running the event — our fourth and final Yelp exclusive Urban Hunt event in Los Angeles 7월 멜론 탑100!



1. Kandawong – Kevin Wong and Angela Wong 2:52
2. One Cup of Coffee – Eric Medina and Gloria Romero-Medina 2:57
3. TKO – David Estiandan and Jocelyn Estiandan 2:57
4. Molar Militia – Lauren Young and Zack Carnow 3:09
5. C-Squared – Christine Park and Chris Park 3:10
6 Download Vegas 11. Second Chances – Curtis Chan and David Ahn 3:13
7. Faded Glory – Betty Fraser and Jill Smith 3:16
8. Cubbies – Raviv Balfour and Crystal Doyle 3:18
9. Scrub A Dub Dub – Crystal Kim and Jane Kim 3:27
10. Team Boobies – Arthur Bruckler and Joan Lao 3:30
11. Getting Hitched – Chris Baron and Kim-Tieng Tear 3:30
12 Download Samsung Computer Driver. Eat Fresh – Blake Landis and Jesse Overton 3:36
13. The Team That Is Way Better Than Katie and Lexy – Paul Keables and Tania Gonzalez 3:42
14. Just friends – Po Chhim and Pedram Pourmand 3:44
15. Hart Attack – Greg Hartsock and Jeannette Hartsock 3:51
16 Download oven cloud. El Duderinos – Paul Atienza and Misha Reyes 3:52
17. Browning & Associates – Talia Goldman and Carla Browning 3:57
18. Junky Jugs – Lorena Valdez and Darren Ignacio 4:14
19. Mime Time – Alexandra Volkema and Katie Scheaffer 4:21
20 연희몽상. Royo-Choi Dynasty – Andre Roy and Jane Choi 4:22
21. Pump-Petes – Sakanel Suos and Soronit Suos 4:25
22. D-Listers – Amy Hoang and Cindy Seto 4:28
23. Suns Out Guns Out – Bret Parsons and Kate Garrido 4:34
24. T Squared – Tai Farnsworth and Ted Barrow III 4:36
25 선교한국. Boogie – Ana Vasquez and Scot Leonard 4:38
26. Compatible Units – Mark Manansala and Jomarie Garong 4:44
27. Steelers – Lloyd Lacbain and Cynthia Kim 4:44
28. Team White-T – Gina Malbas and Rosendo Mejia, Jr. 4:44
29. Lucky On A Roll – Peter Taing and Ann Kim 4:44
30. Team Clockwork – John Villalobos and Julia Martinez 4:45*
31 css3 다운로드. Fancy Pants and the Curve Armada – Cionn Villalobos and Will Wilkerson 4:48*
32. Extreme Tennis Pros – Victor Pham and Crystal Le 4:48
33. Lady and the Tramp – Danielle Gonzales and Lisa Henson 4:52*
34. kimpia – bambi kuhlman and jin chong 4:53
35. Crab Leg Crunchers – Jimmy Kang and Danny Lim 4:53
36. Luke and Leia – Chris Alexander and Lesli Lytle 4:57
37. Team Catfish – Michael Taing and Cijae Kai 5:00
38. Mo ROYbots! – Roy Mananquil and Monique Magbuhos 5:02
39. THE CONVICTS – Fabiola Marquez and Fulvert Pineda 5:07*
40. PWNED – Lenin Villavicenzio and Bella Pineda 5:08*
41. FUN-da-MENTAL – Jennifer Thurston and Juan Perez 5:10
42. Mario Bros – Lily Vi Pham and Trami Tran 5:23**
43. Scoobie Crew – Jimenez Ray and Martinez Natalie 5:38**
44. JW – Jeff Macalino and Wendy Paulino 6:03**
45. Magnitude Cheer – Janae Cardona and Milton Cardona DNF
46. Hada – Harold Avila and Diana Aquino DNF
47. Anong Gusto Mo – Johnson Khun and Karmita Chan DNF

*Teams who received a time penalty for incomplete or incorrect clues.



View even more photos in our full Flickr Set or on our Facebook photos page.

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