EVICTION: Anna Maria Island, FL

For their annual Reality Reunion, fourteen college friends traveled to Anna Maria Island, Florida over Memorial Day Weekend to play Reality Rush’s ultimate game of strategy, EVICTION 무료 mp3 음악! Based on TV’s Big Brother. It was Season 8 for this group of gamers who did not disappoint and would have sent the TV ratings through the roof 뉴문 자막 다운로드!

The game kicked off with a bang when double HOH winners Mike Gabbert and Anna Jenero nominated each other’s top allies. When the house kicked back a 5-5 tie vote twice, Mike and Anna were forced to evict one Houseguest Download Romantic Doctor Kim Sabu. In a jaw-dropping move, the duo HOHs didn’t agree putting them from the most powerful and secure position in the game into jeopardy of being the first one evicted teamviewer 무료 다운로드. After yet another 6-6 tie vote, Julia Gabbert made a last minute switch and the house evicted Anna by a 7-5 vote sending shockwaves through the house Download Windows 8 Capture Tool!

Throughout the weekend the Houseguests continued to battle for power in the game 제이쿼리 파일. From the start, power players Mike Gabbert and Bill Busacker dominated the competitions winning back-to-back HOH and POVs nearly shutting out their competitors for the first half of the game Download the hamchoron base. Three of the six women were voted off first until Mari Gabbert pulled out an impressive POV win and removed Shelagh O’Donnell from the block lg u 다운로드. Mike Hundgen then became the replacement nominee and became the first male evicted from the house and the only player who was “back-doored” throughout the game 크롬 홈페이지.

Towards the end of the first day, Matt Jacobson won HOH and made a bold move to nominate dominant players Mike and Bill Download Firefox PhoneHub. To Matt’s dismay, Bill won the POV and removed himself from the block so Matt then nominated their close ally Gus Pabst. Before the vote, Mike revealed he had found a secret power in the game allowing him to save himself and Gus from the block and he then nominated two of Matt’s closest allies Evan Shaw and Steve DeMan. Never before has HOH blown up so much in someone’s face.

After more than 30 mental and physical challenges, bold moves, blindsides, secret alliances and the return of the third evicted Houseguest Tori Duoos into the game, the coveted Final Four players included Stacey Meader, Mari Gabbert, Tori Duoos and Steve DeMan. All four players successfully manipulated their way to the top, but in the end the jury sided with Steve’s strategy of using players when they thought they were using him over Tori’s challenge-dominating return to the game.

Congratulations to Steve DeMan and all of the Houseguests for an amazing, entertaining and well-played game!




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