NOV 2011: Eleven members of the University of Southern California Orientation Staff were looking for a unique and innovate teambuilding experience so they gathered to play Reality Rush’s game called SABOTAGE, a version of TV’s The Mole. Over the event, the eleven contestants worked together to win over $500 in prize money towards a holiday banquet, but among them was a Saboteur secretly working against the group. The Saboteur’s objective was simple- to ruin the group’s money-making efforts.

The game was divided into three rounds and contestants competed in challenges spread throughout the USC campus to try and win money for the eventual winner’s pot. After the challenges, the contestants took quizzes on the identity of the Saboteur and earned points with correct answers. At the end of the game the contestant with the highest cumulative point total was announced as the winner.

From the start of the game, the contestants were suspicious of Chrissy Roth and Neelam Savla. These two may have been the most popular suspects, but the finger-pointing continually shifted throughout the entire game. However, the true Saboteur, Amanda Mrotek, almost went completely undetected throughout the game, as she sabotaged challenges from the very beginning. Amanda masterfully used her outgoing personality and relationships with her peers to single-handedly lose money without taking heat or blame for it. Only one contestant, Cailin Lowry, was suspicious of Amanda from the start and stuck with her gut the entire game to secure her victory.

Congratulations to winner Cailin Lowry, runner-up Jessica Frey, third place Scott Flanary and Saboteur Amanda Mrotek on an awesome game!