EVICTION: Celebrity Edition

We went all out on our latest event EVICTION (based on TV’s Big Brother) weekend for Lance Bass and his friends, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Sara Paxton, Cutter Dykstra, Zach Cregger, and more — as well as Dan Gheesling and his wife, Chelsea.

It is a complete understatement to say this cast BROUGHT IT! It was our most competitive group of gamers to date that delivered a game packed with intense strategy, alliances and big moves.

During the weekend, we live-Tweeted (@RealityRush) and the Twitterverse went WILD! Hundreds of people followed the game online in realtime, fans hosted live chat sessions, rooted for their favorites and responded in real time. Some fans even made charts and graphics of the game standings as it went on.

Players competed in a wide variety of challenges — both Reality Rush originals and ones inspired by Big Brother or other Reality shows. Some challenges included punishments that resulted in Lance Bass going into seclusion and Michael Turchin wearing a green man suit.

There were a wide range of mental, physical and social challenges. The photo above shows Jamie-Lynn Sigler shooting a blowgun during an HOH competition, trying to take out other players’ balloons. Another challenge had houseguests compete with an ancient weapon called an atlatl, and another had them look at the morphed faces of houseguests, trying to decipher which two people’s faces had been mashed together.

It was also a great honor having Dan Gheesling (the “Muhammed Ali” of Big Brother) play in Lance’s game. Dan has never been evicted… until this weekend! Lance Bass pulled a historic power move and “LANCED” him at the Final 7.

In the end, the winner was Sara Paxton with a hard fought and well-deserved win in a 6-4 vote against Cutter Dykstra. Sara won two HOHs, a Power of Veto, had a secret alliance with 3rd place Chelsea Gheesling and made big moves backdooring power player Zach Cregger and casting the sole vote to evict 4th place Lance Bass.

Congratulations Sara!

Thanks to all of our players and special guest hosts for making this an unforgettable weekend. If this was how an actual season of Big Brother played out, it would have made for legendary TV!


Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Round 7 Round 8 Round 9 Round 10 Round 11 Finals
Sara Allison Rami HOH Michael Lance Nick Dan Zach HOH Lance Nominated Winner
Cutter Nominated Rami Michael Michael Lance Nick Dan Lance Nominated HOH HOH Runner-Up
Chelsea Allison Rami Jamie Nominated
HOH Nick Dan HOH Nick Nominated
(By HOH)
Lance HOH Lisa Michael Chelsea Nominated
Nominated HOH Nominated Nick Evicted
Nick Allison Rami Jamie Chelsea
(Diamond POV*)
Lisa Evicted
Dan Zach Evicted
Zach Allison Rami Jamie Michael Lisa HOH Nominated Evicted
2-1 (Backdoored)
Dan Allison Rami Michael HOH Lisa Nick Evicted
Lisa Allison Nominated Jamie Chelsea Evicted
Michael Allison Rami Nominated
Jamie HOH Rami Evicted
Rami Cutter Evicted
Allison Evicted
Key Head Of Household Nominee Power of Veto Winner Original Nominee (saved by POV) Evicted

The names in the table refer to who each player voted to evict, or in the
final round, who the player voted to win the game.


* The first HOH had dual winners (Lance & Jamie), who had to make nominations together.

*Nick found the Diamond Power of Veto, a power hidden in the house from the beginning of the game. This power allowed him to take a player off the block (in this case, himself) *and* choose the replacement nominee (Chelsea).

*In a twist, the 6 members of the jury up to this point competed in the Final 6 HOH challenge for a chance to get back in the game. Nick beat the other five jury members and rejoined the game in Round 7.


Here are photos from this event… they are also available on FACEBOOK — where we encourage you to Like and Comment on them!