I was blown away by the complexity of the challenges and the organization of the entire weekend. I cannot emphasize how impressed I was by the professionalism of everyone involved. It felt so much like a reality show and was better than I could have ever imagined!”

—Jackie Paul, 24

“It was a FANTASTIC and FABULOUS game that tested my physical and mental fitness! I will always remember how it tested and pushed me into activities into which I never thought I could achieve, but I did! I feel like I can do anything after this experience. The best thing I’ve participated in since moving to LA!”

—Evangeline Fabia, 29

“The challenges made us examine the dynamics of how we interacted as a team. I learned a lot about myself, how I communicate on a team, and the way I am under pressure. I would highly recommend this to anyone! It's great for a fun time, for team-building, and for personal growth. It will definitely help any organization, team, or business function more effectively!”

—Jonathan Lopez, 27

“It's something fun that my family talks, conspires, and laughs about throughout each year. It's wonderful because it's truly an activity that EVERYONE can participate in, regardless of age or physical ability. It gave us a rare and exciting opportunity to feel like kids again!”

—Lucy Johnson, 67

“I had an amazing experience and will not look at LA the same way ever again. I would recommend this in a second, especially for folks that are reality buffs- This may be the closest you can get to being on the real show! It's just unlike anything I've ever done before.”

—Shaun Smith, 31

It gave us shared, positive memories across generations spanning 50 years. I absolutely recommend these games because they build friendships through common experiences, are entertaining in unexpected ways, and appeal to both the individual competitor and team player in all of us.”

—Bill Thomas, 58

“My experience was one full of challenges, perseverance, teamwork, playfulness, innovation, and all around friendly competition. I can't think of a better way to spend a day! It’s definitely a fun experience for any group of friends, co-workers, and strangers. Such a great team-building experience that challenges every fiber of your being.

—Jennifer Stewart, 26

“As the Saboteur, I'll always remember trying to figure out how to throw the game without anyone else figuring it out. I also loved the challenges! They were fun, kept us moving, and definitely kept everyone's attention. It is such a fun, non-traditional way to get any group together.

—Amy Barth, 37

“A majority of the people in the game were strangers to me, but as we began to compete and during the game, there was a bond between all of us which made the game even more fun! It was cool making new friends even though we were all competing against each other.

—Ivee Yu, 25

“If you're looking for an awesome way to get strangers and friends to interact with one another and want your friends to have a fun time, then this is it. Having these guys run a Reality TV game is a no-brainer! Everyone was so impressed and kept asking when they could host another game. I can’t wait to do it again!”

—Gisselle Ruiz, 30

Hands down one of the coolest things I have done in my six years in LA! I’ve always loved LA, but it enabled me to experience the city in a completely new way. It was flawlessly organized. Much of my job is organizing events for large groups of people, so I can truly appreciate all the work and detail that went into putting on the game – very well done!”

—Matthias Schildwachter, 28

“I've really enjoyed playing these games and I found myself doing things I never thought I was capable! It has definitely given my entire family something to share with each other for a very long time. This is as good as it gets without being on the actual TV programs yourself.”

—Dan Jenero, 58