What do you get when you put 12 Big Brother fans in a house for the weekend to play EVICTION? Answer: The best 30th Birthday Party ever for Big Brother, superfan Korey Kuhl! This past weekend Korey and 11 of his best friends locked themselves up in Northridge, CA to battle it out to win Reality Rush’s EVICTION, based on TV’s Big Brother.


The houseguests started off the game Friday night competing in a series of challenges where Matt Brandner and Justin Maccaro were crowned the first duo HOHs. The contestants spent the night scheming and first thing Saturday morning Tyler Oakley and Zach Holt were nominated for eviction. By a 7-1 vote, Zach became the first evicted houseguest in what kicked off a day full of intense gameplay.


Throughout the first half of the game houseguests faced off in HOH and POV competitions and adjusted to new twists in the game. Jonathan Akhavan was the second player evicted and the next four evicted houseguests – Peter Adams, Matt Brandner, Adam Pryor and Justin Maccaro – all had one thing in common… they sat on the block next to Sarah Dziuba who never went home!


Heading into the second half of the game, former evicted houseguests competed to come back into the game. First evicted player Zach returned as the HOH and nominated birthday boy Korey against the ultimate pawn Sarah. Evan Mayor won the POV and used it for the first time in the game to save Korey. Tyler Oakley became the replacement nominee and after escaping eviction 4 times, Sarah was voted out.


The final six consisted of Tyler, Korey, Evan, Zach, Matt “Carli” Caragliano and Steven McKillop who won HOH. Steven, who had been playing both sides of the house, decided to make a big move and nominated power couple Korey and Evan. Korey won the POV and saved Evan (instead of himself) and Tyler became the replacement nominee again in an effort to break up Korey, Evan and Tyler as a trio.


Before the Eviction Ceremony, Korey made a huge move and used a secret power in the game to save himself and Carli went up against Tyler. In a round that kept the entire house shocked with all the twists and turns, Carli was sent packing followed by Evan making the final four Tyler, Korey, Steven and Zach.


As the final four battled it out for HOH and POV, Tyler, who had not won a single challenge the entire game, came on strong with back to back wins. Viewed as a huge jury threat, since he was previously on the jury and returned to the game, Zach was voted out by Korey making the final three Tyler Oakley, Korey Kuhl and Steven McKillop, the self-proclaimed three biggest Big Brother fans in the house.


During the final Eviction Ceremony the jury grilled the final three on why they deserved to win. Tyler argued he made others do his dirty work, Korey elaborated on having a major role in voting out every player and Steven explained how he played both sides of the house with a sense of honesty.


When it came time to crown a winner, the jury was almost unanimous. By a vote of 8-1-0 Steven McKillop won over the jury by a landslide, Korey Kuhl took second place and Tyler Oakley finished in third.


Congratulations to Steven, Korey and Tyler and all the Houseguests on a great game and fun birthday!





This past weekend I had the opportunity to work with the amazing Reality Rush crew. I had worked with Justin and Pete many times before, but this time was different because we were in Seattle. I was super excited when I found out that we would be working on Mercer Island, which is basically the Hamptons of Seattle. I had never worked a “Big Brother” event before, so I wasn’t too sure what to expect but knew that it would be fun because the boys were there and they always bring good energy.


We were told that it was the hottest weekend of the year for Seattle. I honestly expected some rain, only because that’s how we all know Seattle to be, but we must’ve brought the sunny CA weather because it was hot, hot, hot. By the time I arrived Saturday morning all the players were amped up and ready to go. Pete and Justin had been prepping them since Thursday evening. I could tell this was going to be an exciting game!


There was much to do and prepare for during the course of the 2 days I was there. Justin and Pete had come up with such interesting and exciting games for the gang to play. I watched each player(s) sadly be dismissed after each elimination. They were all super competitive and still wanted to be a part of such an explosive game. Once Sunday rolled around, the final elimination took place late afternoon, it was super intense and I loved every minute of it.


I wanted to give viewers/ readers/ fans an idea of what it’s like to work with Reality Rush. So, during the course of the weekend I took some behind the scenes photos for your viewing pleasure. Here is my weekend with the Reality Rush in pictures!


Thanks again to Reality Rush, to the houseguests and Michelle for feeding us and thank you so much to Mercer Island and Seattle for being so incredibly beautiful!



This past weekend Reality Rush headed to Seattle, Washington to throw a 30th Birthday Party for Big Brother, superfan Caitlin Keller. On Friday night 13 of Caitlin’s family members and friends gathered at her Mercer Island home to begin their battle to win EVICTION!


The game kicked off with a series of challenges to crown duo HOH’s Lindsay Berger and Ryan Stanbery. The houseguests spent the night making their cases to the HOH’s on why they should stay and who should be nominated and first thing Saturday morning Chris Sanderson and Matt Godofsky were on the block. In the end, Chris was sent packing and the reality of the game settled in for the rest of the contestants.


Throughout the rest of the day contestants faced off in HOH and POV competitions and had to adjust to new twists in the game. In the second round, former HOH and Big Brother superfan Lindsay was backdoored for being too much of a threat and one by one friends of the birthday girl were evicted out of the house including Shauna Gamoran, Ryan Stanbery, Kristina Sanderson, Darci Abramson and Adam Copley.

At the end of night two, the former evicted houseguests fought to return to the game and Ryan was victorious vowing not to make the same mistakes and with co-HOH Courtney Keller The two of them nominated Caitlin Keller and Sara Was for eviction. During the POV competition HOH Ryan let his nominee Sara win. Sara removed herself on the Block and co-HOHs Ryan and Courntey nominated Nick Keller in an effort to backdoor the patriarch of the family.


Before the eviction ceremony, Caitlin made a huge move and used a secret power in the game to save herself and dad from the block. In shock, cousin Carly Burns and boyfriend Kevin Cook were placed on the block and scrambled to save themselves before the vote where Kevin was sent packing.


As the numbers got smaller, the female members of the Keller family took out the remaining male friends in the group one by one including Matt and Ryan. The final five consisted of 4 family members and 1 non-family member, Sara. Birthday girl, Caitlin, who won zero competitions on day 1 went into beast mode and won 3 HOHs and 3 POVs. Caitlin had a huge hand in getting her cousins Carly, sister Courtney and father Nick out of the game and chose to sit next to friend Sara in the final 2.


During the final Eviction Ceremony where Caitlin and Sara fought for why they should win the game, it was clear both had completely different strategies. On one hand Caitlin played the villain, making big moves, backstabbing alliance members when she felt their allegiance was no longer true, and dominating in the challenges. Sara, on the other hand, played more of a social game based on building friendships and being honest.


When it came time to vote, the Jury was split on who should win so much so that it was a tie 5-5 vote! Before the votes were cast, as the winner of the final HOH challenge Caitlin had the secret power to eliminate 1 vote in the case of a tie. She chose to eliminate Ryan Stanbery’s vote. When it was revealed who Ryan voted for, Caitlin eliminated a vote for herself and Sara became the winner of EVICTION by a 5-4 vote sending shock waves through the entire house.


Congratulations to Sara Was, Caitlin Keller and all the Houseguests on a great game!




This past weekend Reality Rush headed to Afton State Park, Minnesota to run OUTLAST for huge Survivor fan, Mitch Meyer‘s 30th Birthday Party. After sunset on Friday night, 10 friends and strangers arrived to a torch lit tribal council where they were divided into 2 tribes. What each tribe didn’t know was later that night they would compete in their first immunity challenge sending one tribe to bed safe and the other worried about being first voted off in the morning.


As the game began it was clear this group of Survivor fans and first-timers were all gamers! The first tribal council delivered the first of many blindsides to come with Alex Sawka shocked he was sent packing. At the second tribal council Collin Meyer played a hidden immunity idol (he found 5 minutes before) negating 4 votes for him, leaving his sole vote to blindside Survivor fan Dan Young.


As the game continued the tribes competed in physical and mental challenges, shifted alliances and had to adapt to twists in the game. After the tribes merged, an alliance between Mitch Meyer, Perek Lundquist, Kevin Martin, and Jason Shanks formed to take out brothers Jamison Beek, Geoffrey Beek and brother-in-law Jake Fischer but what they didn’t know was Jami and Geo both had hidden idols and successfully played them blindsiding, as they said, “the head of the snake” birthday boy Mitch.


With a 3 vs 3 alliance and the threat of a tie vote ahead, Perek decided to vote out former ally Kevin at the next tribal council with Jami, Geo and Jake. It seemed like the “brothers alliance” that everyone was targeting from the start was going to walk to the finals until the final 4 when Jami decided to blindside his brother Geo with Jake to bring the two of them and Jason to the final 3.


After 24 hours of intense strategy, challenges and blindsides the jury of 7 asked tough questions to the final 3. In the end, after attending every tribal council but 1, constantly puppet-mastering votes and delivering blindside after blindside Jamison Beek won by a 5-2-0 vote against Jason Shanks and Jake Fischer. Congratulations to all the contestants and thanks for an amazing season!


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Over MLK Jr weekend fourteen friends and strangers traveled to Palm Springs, CA to play Reality Rush’s ultimate game of strategy, EVICTION! Based on TV’s Big Brother. Although it was their first time playing, they easily could have been pegged as an All-Star cast of hardcore gamers!

The game kicked off with duo HOH winners Michael Hundgen and Brett Pugliese being forced to each nominate a player individually after living in separate houses. Michael nominated Marco Franzitta and Brett chose Big Brother super fan Patrick McDonald. Both nominees immediately put it all on the line – calling out alliances, exposing secret strategy and fighting to the end to stay in. Ultimately, Marco was the first evicted, but helped set the tone for an intense game.


Throughout the weekend the Houseguests continued to battle for power in the game. From the start, the women dominated the challenges with multiple wins from Jamie Watkins and Brianne Trosie. Two “alliances” and friend groups were targeted throughout the first day leading to the eviction of Brett Pugliese, Amy Graves, Joey Tague, Brett Bynane and Max Follmer.


After Michael Hundgen became the last casualty of the first day, the Houseguests were surprised when the first seven evicted players returned for a chance to get back in the game. Lasting over an hour in an endurance challenge, first evicted player Marco Franzitta returned to the game to turn the house upside down. When a majority of the house pressured HOH Brianne Trosie to nominate Marco for eviction, she shockingly targeted Patrick McDonald putting the house in a frenzy.


As players kept getting evicted, a secret girls’ alliance that formed in the beginning of the game between Jamie Watkins, Brianne Trosie and Jenna Loomer constantly dominated the game. At one point Jamie used the POV to save Jenna and later Brianne used a secret power to save Jamie and herself from the block. Combined they won 7 HOHs (out of 12) and 4 POVs all while keeping their alliance completely undetected. Ultimately it was Mat Herman who broke them up by getting powerhouse Jamie Watkins evicted in between the evictions of allies Adam Reider and Joanna Collins.

After more than 30 mental and physical challenges, bold moves, blindsides and secret alliances, the coveted Final Four players included returnee Marco Franzitta, Mat Herman, Brianne Trosie and Jenna Loomer. In the end Jenna won the final HOH taking ally Brianne to the finals and earning the power to eliminate a jury vote in the case of a tie. The finalists both deserved it causing a 6-6 tie vote with the Jury and ultimately Jenna’s decision to eliminate Mat’s vote secured her a close 6-5 victory.


Congratulations to Jenna Loomer and all of the Houseguests for such a well-played game!



Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Round 7 Round 8 Round 9 Round 10 Round 11 Round 12 Finals
Jenna Patrick Max Amy HOH Mat Mike Patrick Adam Nominated Joanna Nominated HOH Winner*
Brianne Marco Brett P HOH Joey Max Nominated
HOH Adam
(Uses Coup d'état*)
Jenna HOH Marco Nominated Runner-Up
Mat Marco Brett P Amy Joey Nominated Mike Patrick Nominated HOH Joanna HOH Evicted
(By HOH)
Marco Evicted
Patrick Adam Jamie Nominated Evicted
Joanna Patrick Brett P Nominated Brett B Max Brianne Adam HOH* Jamie Evicted
Jamie Marco HOH Amy Brett B HOH Mike Patrick Adam Evicted
Adam Marco Brett P Amy Joey Max Brianne Nominated Evicted
Patrick Nominated Brett P Amy Nominated
Max HOH Evicted
Mike HOH Brett P Amy Joey Max Evicted
Max Patrick Nominated
Amy Brett B Evicted
Joey Marco Brett P Joanna Evicted*
Brett B Marco Max Joanna Evicted*
Amy Marco Brett P Evicted
Brett P HOH Evicted
Key Head Of Household Nominee Power of Veto Winner Original Nominee (saved by POV) Evicted
The names in the table refer to who each player voted to evict, or in the final round, who the player voted to win the game.



*Round 1: The first HOH had dual winners (Mike & Brett P), who each nominated one player each.

*Round 4: In a twist, the HOH had do nominate three players for eviction, and the top two vote getters were eliminated from the game.

*Round 7: The first 6 eliminated players competed in a challenge to return to the game in Round 7. Marco beat all of the other evicted players and rejoined the game.

*Round 8: Brianne found the Coup d'état, a power hidden in the house from the beginning of the game. This power allowed her to replace the two nominees on the block right before the final vote of the around. Brianne chose to remove herself and Jamie from the block, and put up replacement nominees Adam and Mat.

*Final Vote: As the final HOH, Jenna got to choose one player's vote to eliminate from the final jury in the event of a tie (prior to revealing the votes). The final vote was 6-6, a tie, but she chose to eliminate Mat's vote for Brianne, giving her the win.


Photos are also available on Facebook.


NOV 2011: Eleven members of the University of Southern California Orientation Staff were looking for a unique and innovate teambuilding experience so they gathered to play Reality Rush’s game called SABOTAGE, a version of TV’s The Mole. Over the event, the eleven contestants worked together to win over $500 in prize money towards a holiday banquet, but among them was a Saboteur secretly working against the group. The Saboteur’s objective was simple- to ruin the group’s money-making efforts.

The game was divided into three rounds and contestants competed in challenges spread throughout the USC campus to try and win money for the eventual winner’s pot. After the challenges, the contestants took quizzes on the identity of the Saboteur and earned points with correct answers. At the end of the game the contestant with the highest cumulative point total was announced as the winner.

From the start of the game, the contestants were suspicious of Chrissy Roth and Neelam Savla. These two may have been the most popular suspects, but the finger-pointing continually shifted throughout the entire game. However, the true Saboteur, Amanda Mrotek, almost went completely undetected throughout the game, as she sabotaged challenges from the very beginning. Amanda masterfully used her outgoing personality and relationships with her peers to single-handedly lose money without taking heat or blame for it. Only one contestant, Cailin Lowry, was suspicious of Amanda from the start and stuck with her gut the entire game to secure her victory.

Congratulations to winner Cailin Lowry, runner-up Jessica Frey, third place Scott Flanary and Saboteur Amanda Mrotek on an awesome game!