This past weekend Reality Rush headed to Afton State Park, Minnesota to run OUTLAST for huge Survivor fan, Mitch Meyer‘s 30th Birthday Party. After sunset on Friday night, 10 friends and strangers arrived to a torch lit tribal council where they were divided into 2 tribes. What each tribe didn’t know was later that night they would compete in their first immunity challenge sending one tribe to bed safe and the other worried about being first voted off in the morning.


As the game began it was clear this group of Survivor fans and first-timers were all gamers! The first tribal council delivered the first of many blindsides to come with Alex Sawka shocked he was sent packing. At the second tribal council Collin Meyer played a hidden immunity idol (he found 5 minutes before) negating 4 votes for him, leaving his sole vote to blindside Survivor fan Dan Young.


As the game continued the tribes competed in physical and mental challenges, shifted alliances and had to adapt to twists in the game. After the tribes merged, an alliance between Mitch Meyer, Perek Lundquist, Kevin Martin, and Jason Shanks formed to take out brothers Jamison Beek, Geoffrey Beek and brother-in-law Jake Fischer but what they didn’t know was Jami and Geo both had hidden idols and successfully played them blindsiding, as they said, “the head of the snake” birthday boy Mitch.


With a 3 vs 3 alliance and the threat of a tie vote ahead, Perek decided to vote out former ally Kevin at the next tribal council with Jami, Geo and Jake. It seemed like the “brothers alliance” that everyone was targeting from the start was going to walk to the finals until the final 4 when Jami decided to blindside his brother Geo with Jake to bring the two of them and Jason to the final 3.


After 24 hours of intense strategy, challenges and blindsides the jury of 7 asked tough questions to the final 3. In the end, after attending every tribal council but 1, constantly puppet-mastering votes and delivering blindside after blindside Jamison Beek won by a 5-2-0 vote against Jason Shanks and Jake Fischer. Congratulations to all the contestants and thanks for an amazing season!


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The web series @SummerBreak wanted to pull out all the stops for their season finale episode, so they contacted Reality Rush a few weeks ago to help them run a scavenger hunt at Venice Beach.

@SummerBreak follows the lives of a group of recent high school graduates on their last summer vacation before they head off to college. It’s very unique in that it airs in real time over social media — Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. The kids all have Twitter accounts, and they tweet and post photos all summer long. They are also followed by cameras, and their day-to-day experiences are edited into short webisodes which are posted to the @SummerBreak YouTube Channel. The slogan for the series, “Real Kids. Real Life. Real Time.” sums it up pretty well.

After a summer of fun experiences including scuba diving, surfing and trips to San Francisco and Catalina, the @SummerBreak team contacted us to plan a Venice Beach scavenger hunt for the cast. A big part of it was to incorporate a LIVE social media component, where they needed their fans’ help to complete a few of the tasks.


We planned a scavenger hunt that takes elements of both URBAN HUNT and THE RACE, and also required the @SummerBreak kids to have their Twitter followers retweet clues and get their fans to send in photos to complete tasks.

The hunt turned out great — you can see it on the Season Finale of @SummerBreak (below) — it takes up 14 minutes of the 24 minute season finale!


Over MLK Jr weekend fourteen friends and strangers traveled to Palm Springs, CA to play Reality Rush’s ultimate game of strategy, EVICTION! Based on TV’s Big Brother. Although it was their first time playing, they easily could have been pegged as an All-Star cast of hardcore gamers!

The game kicked off with duo HOH winners Michael Hundgen and Brett Pugliese being forced to each nominate a player individually after living in separate houses. Michael nominated Marco Franzitta and Brett chose Big Brother super fan Patrick McDonald. Both nominees immediately put it all on the line – calling out alliances, exposing secret strategy and fighting to the end to stay in. Ultimately, Marco was the first evicted, but helped set the tone for an intense game.


Throughout the weekend the Houseguests continued to battle for power in the game. From the start, the women dominated the challenges with multiple wins from Jamie Watkins and Brianne Trosie. Two “alliances” and friend groups were targeted throughout the first day leading to the eviction of Brett Pugliese, Amy Graves, Joey Tague, Brett Bynane and Max Follmer.


After Michael Hundgen became the last casualty of the first day, the Houseguests were surprised when the first seven evicted players returned for a chance to get back in the game. Lasting over an hour in an endurance challenge, first evicted player Marco Franzitta returned to the game to turn the house upside down. When a majority of the house pressured HOH Brianne Trosie to nominate Marco for eviction, she shockingly targeted Patrick McDonald putting the house in a frenzy.


As players kept getting evicted, a secret girls’ alliance that formed in the beginning of the game between Jamie Watkins, Brianne Trosie and Jenna Loomer constantly dominated the game. At one point Jamie used the POV to save Jenna and later Brianne used a secret power to save Jamie and herself from the block. Combined they won 7 HOHs (out of 12) and 4 POVs all while keeping their alliance completely undetected. Ultimately it was Mat Herman who broke them up by getting powerhouse Jamie Watkins evicted in between the evictions of allies Adam Reider and Joanna Collins.


After more than 30 mental and physical challenges, bold moves, blindsides and secret alliances, the coveted Final Four players included returnee Marco Franzitta, Mat Herman, Brianne Trosie and Jenna Loomer. In the end Jenna won the final HOH taking ally Brianne to the finals and earning the power to eliminate a jury vote in the case of a tie. The finalists both deserved it causing a 6-6 tie vote with the Jury and ultimately Jenna’s decision to eliminate Mat’s vote secured her a close 6-5 victory.


Congratulations to Jenna Loomer and all of the Houseguests for such a well-played game!



Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Round 7 Round 8 Round 9 Round 10 Round 11 Round 12 Finals
Jenna Patrick Max Amy HOH Mat Mike Patrick Adam Nominated Joanna Nominated HOH Winner*
Brianne Marco Brett P HOH Joey Max Nominated
HOH Adam
(Uses Coup d'état*)
Jenna HOH Marco Nominated Runner-Up
Mat Marco Brett P Amy Joey Nominated Mike Patrick Nominated HOH Joanna HOH Evicted
(By HOH)
Marco Evicted
Patrick Adam Jamie Nominated Evicted
Joanna Patrick Brett P Nominated Brett B Max Brianne Adam HOH* Jamie Evicted
Jamie Marco HOH Amy Brett B HOH Mike Patrick Adam Evicted
Adam Marco Brett P Amy Joey Max Brianne Nominated Evicted
Patrick Nominated Brett P Amy Nominated
Max HOH Evicted
Mike HOH Brett P Amy Joey Max Evicted
Max Patrick Nominated
Amy Brett B Evicted
Joey Marco Brett P Joanna Evicted*
Brett B Marco Max Joanna Evicted*
Amy Marco Brett P Evicted
Brett P HOH Evicted
Key Head Of Household Nominee Power of Veto Winner Original Nominee (saved by POV) Evicted
The names in the table refer to who each player voted to evict, or in the final round, who the player voted to win the game.



*Round 1: The first HOH had dual winners (Mike & Brett P), who each nominated one player each.

*Round 4: In a twist, the HOH had do nominate three players for eviction, and the top two vote getters were eliminated from the game.

*Round 7: The first 6 eliminated players competed in a challenge to return to the game in Round 7. Marco beat all of the other evicted players and rejoined the game.

*Round 8: Brianne found the Coup d'état, a power hidden in the house from the beginning of the game. This power allowed her to replace the two nominees on the block right before the final vote of the around. Brianne chose to remove herself and Jamie from the block, and put up replacement nominees Adam and Mat.

*Final Vote: As the final HOH, Jenna got to choose one player's vote to eliminate from the final jury in the event of a tie (prior to revealing the votes). The final vote was 6-6, a tie, but she chose to eliminate Mat's vote for Brianne, giving her the win.


Photos are also available on Facebook.


Dan Gheesling, winner of Big Brother 10 and runner-up on this year’s Big Brother 14 is one of the most popular BB houseguests of all time, and we were honored to have him play in our EVICTION: Celebrity Edition a few weeks ago.

Dan posted an extensive recap / review of the weekend on his website, entitled Playing Big Brother One More Time…Reality Rush Style, and it’s a glowing review of his experience in our version of Big Brother.

We wanted to share a portion from Dan’s article…but if you have the time, be sure to read the whole thing for yourself!

Dan Gheesling’s “EVICTION” review

“The Reality Rush team pulled off an amazing feat with their version of Big Brother. They create an experience for you that is literally as close to the real game (I use the term real loosely because Eviction was real) as humanly possible.

“Production wise the Reality Rush team of Justin (our Julie Chen) and Pete (our Allison/Rich/Heath) were spot on with everything. Every challenge was planned out to a T and on schedule.

“All of ceremonies were on point so much so that physically, my heart would beat abnormally while they were taking place. I felt like I was back in the house. Heck, even when Justin would wake us up, I felt like we were back in the actual Big Brother house waiting for something huge to happen.

The whole operation was top notch and I am still baffled as to how they pulled the entire thing off so flawlessly.”

~ Dan Gheesling, Big Brother winner


Dan also posted a short home video of a few of the Power of Veto, Eviction and Nomination ceremonies.

In this clip, pop star Lance Bass (of N’Sync) uses the Power of Veto to save himself. Actress Jamie Lynn-Sigler (“The Sopranos”), who is also nominated, can not speak to defend herself, because of a punishment she received in a previous challenge.

Next, we see the Eviction ceremony where Jamie-Lynn Sigler is evicted.

Following, we see the next nomination ceremony, where Dan (the new Head of Household) makes his nomination speech…saying he’s after a “rat” within the alliance.

Intense stuff! You can see how seriously contestants in Reality Rush events take the game!

Caption Contest

Dan is running a caption contest for his fans to subtitle this cast photo from the game, and the winner gets his famous red “Renegade Headband” that he wore in the Big Brother house.

Of the finalists, our favorite is this one, which pokes fun at Dan’s cutthroat strategy from Big Brother 14:

“Raise your hands if Dan promised you Final 2! (Dan: “Whoops”).” -@SueMe_DC

Thanks Dan for all of the kind words about Reality Rush! We’re flattered, and glad that we were able to impress a former Big Brother star so much.

Actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler (of “The Sopranos”, “Entourage” and NBC’s new comedy “Guys With Kids”) played in our Celebrity EVICTION game over this past weekend, and she can’t stop talking about it!

She’s currently doing a press tour for her latest comedy, “Guys With Kids”, and she has made appearances on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Wendy Williams, VH1′s Big Morning Buzz Live and Bravo’s Andy Cohen. In every interview she’s spoken about her unforgettable weekend playing in Reality Rush’s EVICTION.

She said “It was by far the best weekend of my life,” and called her experience in the game “epic” and “unreal.”

Here are some clips of Jamie-Lynn over the past few days. (More coming soon.) Thanks Jamie for all the kind words!

VH1′s “Big Morning Buzz Live”

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Wendy Williams

JW Player goes here

We went all out on our latest event: a celebrity EVICTION (based on TV’s Big Brother) weekend featuring celebrities Lance Bass, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Sara Paxton, Cutter Dykstra, Zach Cregger, and more — as well as Big Brother star/winner Dan Gheesling and his wife, Chelsea.

It is a complete understatement to say this cast BROUGHT IT! It was our most competitive group of gamers to date that delivered a game packed with intense strategy, alliances and big moves.

Big Brother fan favorites Jeff Schroeder, Mike “Boogie” Malin, Rachel Reilly & Brendon Villegas also made cameos as guest hosts during challenges, clearly a Big Brother fan’s dream cast!

During the weekend, we live-Tweeted (@RealityRush) and the Twitterverse went WILD! Hundreds of people followed the game online in realtime, fans hosted live chat sessions, rooted for their favorites and responded in real time. Some fans even made charts and graphics of the game standings as it went on.

Players competed in a wide variety of challenges — both Reality Rush originals and ones inspired by Big Brother or other Reality shows. Jeff Schroeder hosted a tournament where players faced off in “Minute To Win It” games; and Mike “Boogie” Malin hosted a pictionary guessing challenge, where to get points, houseguests had to take punishments. (Some of the punishments: Lance Bass went into seclusion for a round, Michael Turchin had to wear a green man suit, and Jamie-Lynn Sigler had to wear a leash and get walked around the house like a dog!)

There were a wide range of mental, physical and social challenges. The photo above shows Jamie-Lynn Sigler shooting a blowgun during an HOH competition, trying to take out other players’ balloons. Another challenge had houseguests compete with an ancient weapon called an atlatl, and another had them look at the morphed faces of houseguests, trying to decipher which two people’s faces had been mashed together.

It was also a great honor having Dan Gheesling (the “Muhammed Ali” of Big Brother) play in our weekend version of the game.

Dan has played in two seasons of Big Brother (winning one, placing second in the other) and was never evicted… until this weekend! Lance Bass pulled a historic power move and “LANCED” him at the Final 7.

In the end, the winner was Sara Paxton with a hard fought and well-deserved win in a 6-4 vote against Cutter Dykstra. Sara won two HOHs, a Power of Veto, had a secret alliance with 3rd place Chelsea Gheesling and made big moves backdooring power player Zach Cregger and casting the sole vote to evict 4th place Lance Bass.

Congratulations Sara!

Thanks to all of our players and special guest hosts for making this an unforgettable weekend. If this was how an actual season of Big Brother played out, it would have made for legendary TV!


Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Round 7 Round 8 Round 9 Round 10 Round 11 Finals
Sara Allison Rami HOH Michael Lance Nick Dan Zach HOH Lance Nominated Winner
Cutter Nominated Rami Michael Michael Lance Nick Dan Lance Nominated HOH HOH Runner-Up
Chelsea Allison Rami Jamie Nominated
HOH Nick Dan HOH Nick Nominated
(By HOH)
Lance HOH Lisa Michael Chelsea Nominated
Nominated HOH Nominated Nick Evicted
Nick Allison Rami Jamie Chelsea
(Diamond POV*)
Lisa Evicted
Dan Zach Evicted
Zach Allison Rami Jamie Michael Lisa HOH Nominated Evicted
2-1 (Backdoored)
Dan Allison Rami Michael HOH Lisa Nick Evicted
Lisa Allison Nominated Jamie Chelsea Evicted
Michael Allison Rami Nominated
Jamie HOH Rami Evicted
Rami Cutter Evicted
Allison Evicted
Key Head Of Household Nominee Power of Veto Winner Original Nominee (saved by POV) Evicted

The names in the table refer to who each player voted to evict, or in the
final round, who the player voted to win the game.


* The first HOH had dual winners (Lance & Jamie), who had to make nominations together.

*Nick found the Diamond Power of Veto, a power hidden in the house from the beginning of the game. This power allowed him to take a player off the block (in this case, himself) *and* choose the replacement nominee (Chelsea).

*In a twist, the 6 members of the jury up to this point competed in the Final 6 HOH challenge for a chance to get back in the game. Nick beat the other five jury members and rejoined the game in Round 7.


Here are photos from this event… they are also available on FACEBOOK — where we encourage you to Like and Comment on them!