This past weekend Reality Rush headed to Afton State Park, Minnesota to run OUTLAST for huge Survivor fan, Mitch Meyer‘s 30th Birthday Party. After sunset on Friday night, 10 friends and strangers arrived to a torch lit tribal council where they were divided into 2 tribes. What each tribe didn’t know was later that night they would compete in their first immunity challenge sending one tribe to bed safe and the other worried about being first voted off in the morning.


As the game began it was clear this group of Survivor fans and first-timers were all gamers! The first tribal council delivered the first of many blindsides to come with Alex Sawka shocked he was sent packing. At the second tribal council Collin Meyer played a hidden immunity idol (he found 5 minutes before) negating 4 votes for him, leaving his sole vote to blindside Survivor fan Dan Young.


As the game continued the tribes competed in physical and mental challenges, shifted alliances and had to adapt to twists in the game. After the tribes merged, an alliance between Mitch Meyer, Perek Lundquist, Kevin Martin, and Jason Shanks formed to take out brothers Jamison Beek, Geoffrey Beek and brother-in-law Jake Fischer but what they didn’t know was Jami and Geo both had hidden idols and successfully played them blindsiding, as they said, “the head of the snake” birthday boy Mitch.


With a 3 vs 3 alliance and the threat of a tie vote ahead, Perek decided to vote out former ally Kevin at the next tribal council with Jami, Geo and Jake. It seemed like the “brothers alliance” that everyone was targeting from the start was going to walk to the finals until the final 4 when Jami decided to blindside his brother Geo with Jake to bring the two of them and Jason to the final 3.


After 24 hours of intense strategy, challenges and blindsides the jury of 7 asked tough questions to the final 3. In the end, after attending every tribal council but 1, constantly puppet-mastering votes and delivering blindside after blindside Jamison Beek won by a 5-2-0 vote against Jason Shanks and Jake Fischer. Congratulations to all the contestants and thanks for an amazing season!


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This past weekend, sixteen friends and strangers gathered on the beaches of Malibu just outside of Malibu, California to compete in OUTLAST (our game based on Survivor).

None of our contestants knew quite what to expect (all of them were new to Reality Rush), but within hours of arriving, they found themselves sleeping in improvised survival shelters, trying to start fires, and bonding with their tribes, just off of the Pacific coast!

Outlast: Malibu cast picture


The two tribes, Baku (blue) and Tamba (orange) competed in a series of reward and immunity challenges — but it was Tamba who dominated the game. The orange tribe ended up winning EVERY immunity challenge before the merge, and Baku was forced to go to tribal council six times in a row! Even a tribal swap twist before the fourth tribal council did not turn things around for Baku, (though it did allow the original Baku members who stayed on the tribe to eliminate two of the original Tamba members who were swapped onto their tribe.)

One of the immunity challenges


Despite their dominance in the first half of the game, the Tamba tribe was fractured after the merge, and split their votes at tribal council. Baku, on the other hand, played more strategically (they were tribal council veterans compared to the inexperienced Tamba members!). Baku’s strong voting bloc made up of Alvaro, Ryan and Matt carefully outplayed and eliminated all the other players, until they made it into the final three! After a hard-fought game, Matt Dorsey narrowly defeated runner-up Ryan Sweeney in the 4-3 jury vote at the final tribal council. Congratulations Matt for winning Outlast: Malibu!



Contestant Original Tribe Swapped Tribe Merged Tribe Finish
Noosh Baku 1st Voted Out
Jess Baku 2nd Voted Out
Brad Baku 3rd Voted Out
Jackie Tamba Baku 4th Voted Out
Laura Tamba Baku 5th Voted Out
Larry Baku Baku 6th Voted Out
Geraldine Tamba Tamba 7th Voted Out
Erika Tamba Tamba BakuTamba 8th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Mike Tamba Tamba 9th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Sean Baku Tamba 10th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Jerod Tamba Tamba 11th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Joy Baku Tamba 12th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Gisselle Tamba Tamba 13th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Alvaro Baku Baku 14th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Ryan Tamba Baku Runner-Up
Matt Baku Baku Winner