Dan Gheesling, winner of Big Brother 10 and runner-up on this year’s Big Brother 14 is one of the most popular BB houseguests of all time, and we were honored to have him play in our EVICTION: Celebrity Edition a few weeks ago.

Dan posted an extensive recap / review of the weekend on his website, entitled Playing Big Brother One More Time…Reality Rush Style, and it’s a glowing review of his experience in our version of Big Brother.

We wanted to share a portion from Dan’s article…but if you have the time, be sure to read the whole thing for yourself!

Dan Gheesling’s “EVICTION” review

“The Reality Rush team pulled off an amazing feat with their version of Big Brother. They create an experience for you that is literally as close to the real game (I use the term real loosely because Eviction was real) as humanly possible.

“Production wise the Reality Rush team of Justin (our Julie Chen) and Pete (our Allison/Rich/Heath) were spot on with everything. Every challenge was planned out to a T and on schedule.

“All of ceremonies were on point so much so that physically, my heart would beat abnormally while they were taking place. I felt like I was back in the house. Heck, even when Justin would wake us up, I felt like we were back in the actual Big Brother house waiting for something huge to happen.

The whole operation was top notch and I am still baffled as to how they pulled the entire thing off so flawlessly.”

~ Dan Gheesling, Big Brother winner


Dan also posted a short home video of a few of the Power of Veto, Eviction and Nomination ceremonies.

In this clip, pop star Lance Bass (of N’Sync) uses the Power of Veto to save himself. Actress Jamie Lynn-Sigler (“The Sopranos”), who is also nominated, can not speak to defend herself, because of a punishment she received in a previous challenge.

Next, we see the Eviction ceremony where Jamie-Lynn Sigler is evicted.

Following, we see the next nomination ceremony, where Dan (the new Head of Household) makes his nomination speech…saying he’s after a “rat” within the alliance.

Intense stuff! You can see how seriously contestants in Reality Rush events take the game!

Caption Contest

Dan is running a caption contest for his fans to subtitle this cast photo from the game, and the winner gets his famous red “Renegade Headband” that he wore in the Big Brother house.

Of the finalists, our favorite is this one, which pokes fun at Dan’s cutthroat strategy from Big Brother 14:

“Raise your hands if Dan promised you Final 2! (Dan: “Whoops”).” –@SueMe_DC

Thanks Dan for all of the kind words about Reality Rush! We’re flattered, and glad that we were able to impress a former Big Brother star so much.

Actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler (of “The Sopranos”, “Entourage” and NBC’s new comedy “Guys With Kids”) played in our Celebrity EVICTION game over this past weekend, and she can’t stop talking about it!

She’s currently doing a press tour for her latest comedy, “Guys With Kids”, and she has made appearances on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Wendy Williams, VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live and Bravo’s Andy Cohen. In every interview she’s spoken about her unforgettable weekend playing in Reality Rush’s EVICTION.

She said “It was by far the best weekend of my life,” and called her experience in the game “epic” and “unreal.”

Here are some clips of Jamie-Lynn over the past few days. (More coming soon.) Thanks Jamie for all the kind words!

VH1’s “Big Morning Buzz Live”

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Video currently unavailable

Wendy Williams

JW Player goes here

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