Sabotage: USC Flag Challenge

Use the information below and the flags at the von Kleinsmid Center to figure out which country these facts describe. When you figure it out, all players must run to and stand under the flag of this country 마이크로소프트 오피스 2010 무료 다운로드. You get only ONE guess.


Your country is located south of the country whose flag contains the color blue and hangs adjacent to Sri Lanka’s flag Download Master Cam x7.

Your country is not located on the continent which contains the country whose flag hangs between Turkey’s and Slovakia’s.

Your country’s flag contains the color that the flag hanging across from Canada’s flag, and the flag across from Honduras’s flag have in common 360 Cloud Offline.

Your country’s name contains the first letter of the country whose flag hangs adjacent to Mongolia’s to the South.

Your country is located north of the Tropic Line that bisects the country whose flag hangs between Montenegro’s and Malaysia’s 에브리띵.

Your country borders a body of water that is also bordered by the country whose flag hangs directly across from Mauritius’s flag.

Your country is not on the same continent as the country whose flag is directly across from Gabon’s flag Comedy Big League.

Your country’s flag contains a symbol that can be found on either the flag across from Turkey’s flag, the flag adjacent of Honduras’s flag to the east, OR the flag across from China’s flag Java csv.