SABOTAGE, based on TV’s The Mole, is the ultimate “who done it” game of deception and strategy. One of your teammates is secretly sabotaging all of your tasks Cubase vst. Can you detect the traitor?

Get excited, because SABOTAGE: USC is just a few weeks away Download Ueki's Law!

We ask that each participant in SABOTAGE fill out the following survey. Please answer these questions honestly and completely. We use the answers throughout the game, and we also use them to select THE SABOTEUR 프로야구팀을 만들자 nds.

To find out more about Sabotage, click here (please note that for the USC version of the game, there will be no executions or exemptions — all players will be in the game for its entire length) tagstory 다운로드.

If you have any questions about the game, please contact

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