OUTLAST, based on TV’s Survivor, is the classic game of wilderness and social survival. Can you survive in the outdoors with minimal supplies, while outwitting your competitors?

In OUTLAST, contestants work together in teams and compete against one another in challenges for immunity. The winning team is safe from losing a member, while the losing team is forced to vote someone out of the game. At a certain point, the teams dissolve and players compete as individuals where they vote each other out until the final contestants remain and members of the jury cast their votes for the winner. For more detailed rules, click here.

Outlast, based on Survivor

Game Info

  • Based on: Survivor
  • Number of Players: 8 - 20
  • Duration: 6 hours - 3 days
  • Recommended Setups: 16 players / 2-3 days; 12 players / 2 days; 10 players / 1 day