THE RACE, based on TV’s The Amazing Race, is an exhilarating competition where you'll explore a city, and complete tasks that will challenge you in new and exciting ways.

In THE RACE, teams of two race against each other, solving clues and competing in various mental and physical challenges. The game is divided into a series of legs and at the end of each leg the team(s) that arrives last may be eliminated from the game. The game continues until the final teams race against each other to the finish line. For more detailed rules, click here.

The Race, based on The Amazing Race

Game Info

  • Based on: The Amazing Race
  • Number of Teams: 8 - 25 (16 - 50 people)
  • Duration: 3 - 10 hours
  • Recommended Setups: 10 teams / 1 day; 15 teams players / 1 day