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THE RACE, based on TV’s The Amazing Race, is an exhilarating way to explore a city, where teams of two complete various tasks that will challenge you in new and exciting ways.

THE RACE is divided into different legs and is played on a point-to-point basis by obtaining various clues and by completing different challenges. There are several types of clues including: detours, merges, road blocks, and route info. Teams receive a clue at the beginning of each leg and depending on the type of clue, follow the instructions and complete any challenges.

Teams race from clue to clue until they reach the Pit Stop where they check-in with the Host and are told their current standing. The last team or teams to arrive at a Pit Stop may be eliminated from THE RACE. Any penalties incurred by teams during a leg, such as using roadside assistance, are given to them before they can check-in.

After checking in at each Pit Stop, teams are given a rest period until other teams check-in. Teams must wait at or near the Pit Stop until the Host gives them their next clue to continue the next leg. Teams are released from the Pit Stop in heats determined by the order of their arrival from the previous leg. Teams race until the final teams race to the Finish Line. The first team to successfully cross the Finish Line is declared the winners of THE RACE!

There are different types of resources that are and are not allowed to be used during the game. Teams are allowed to use maps, digital cameras, and various forms of transportation. Teams are not allowed to use cell phones and specific navigational aids. If teams fall so far behind that they are unable to reach a challenge or Pit Stop within a predetermined amount of time, teams may be given a hint and penalty or in extreme situations may be eliminated from the game.




Cell Phones
Cell phones are off-limits during THE RACE and may be used only to communicate with Reality Rush staff or used in the case of an emergency.
Challenges vary in format and type. The clues will indicate what teams must do in order to complete each challenge. A Reality Rush crew member or a representative from the location hosting the challenge will determine whether teams have adequately completed a challenge before they receives their next clue.
THE RACE is played on a point-to-point basis. Teams are given their first clue at the start of each leg. The clue will describe a challenge that teams must perform or the destination teams must travel to in order to receive their next clue. Teams will not know their next destination until they complete their current task and pick up their next clue.
This type of clue is a choice between two tasks, each with its own pros and cons. The clue will describe two different challenges and teams must choose to complete one or the other. If teams find one challenge too difficult to complete, teams may switch to the other Detour option at any time.
Digital Camera
Each team is required to bring a digital camera, batteries, and any computer cord, USB cord, or card reader that will allow the Reality Rush staff to transfer pictures to a computer. It is very likely that the digital camera may figure into challenges along the way. Teams are also encouraged to take snapshots throughout THE RACE.
Finish Line
The last Pit Stop of the game that the final teams race to in order to win THE RACE. All eliminated teams are given the location and are asked to return to cheer on the final teams.
The method in which teams are released from a Pit Stop at the beginning of each leg based on the order teams checked in during the previous leg. For example, the first three teams may leave the Pit Stop first, followed by the second three teams, and then followed by the third three teams.
Teams may bring with them any map of their choice. A Thomas Guide is highly recommend.
This type of clue forces two teams to work together as a foursome to complete a challenge. If one team arrives and there is not another team for them to pair up with, that team must wait until another team arrives.
Navigational Aids
Teams are not allowed to use compasses, GPS devices, or other navigational aids, unless explicitly given instruction to do so. Teams will be asked to turn off their GPS devices if they have them. Teams found cheating with any contraband devices are immediately removed from THE RACE.
Teams may be penalized for breaking the official rules or for not following the instructions on a clue. Penalties will be assessed based on the severity of the violation. In most cases, teams will be assessed time penalties at the end of a leg where they must wait to check-in at the Pit Stop for a period of time announced by the Host. More severe violations may result in more severe penalties, including expulsion from THE RACE.
Pit Stops
Pit stops are located at the end of each leg of THE RACE. There will be a mat where the Host will greet teams as they arrive. The order that teams arrive will determine the order that teams leave in the next leg. The last team or teams to arrive at a Pit Stop may be eliminated from THE RACE.
Road Blocks
This type of clue provides tasks that only one member of a team may perform. When teams receive a Road Block clue, they are asked a simple question such as “Who is really hungry?” Before teams open the clue and read about the challenge, they must decide which teammate will perform the challenge. Once teams have decided which teammate will complete the challenge, that teammate must complete it to receive their next clue.
Roadside Assistance
Teams may contact the Reality Rush crew during THE RACE and ask for hints on specific challenges or directions to a location, but in doing so they will be assessed a time penalty of a pre-determined amount of minutes depending on the challenge or destination.
Route Info
This type of clue provides a description of the destination teams must travel to in order to receive their next clue.
Teams are responsible to provide their own working car, along with gas. Reality Rush is not responsible for any mechanical failures, car problems, tickets, fines, arrests, etc. you may experience along the way. Participating in THE RACE does NOT exempt you from abiding by all local, state and federal laws. Some legs of THE RACE may require teams to take public transportation such as buses, subways, and taxis. If a clue specifically specifies that teams take a certain mode of transportation, they must take that specified mode of transportation and cover their own expenses.
The Race, based on The Amazing Race

Game Info

  • Based on: The Amazing Race
  • Number of Teams: 8 - 25 (16 - 50 people)
  • Duration: 3 - 10 hours
  • Recommended Setups: 10 teams / 1 day; 15 teams players / 1 day
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