SABOTAGE, based on TV’s The Mole, is the ultimate “who done it” game of deception and strategy. One of your teammates is secretly sabotaging all of your tasks. Can you detect the traitor?

In SABOTAGE, contestants work together to complete challenges while one player secretly sabotages the group’s efforts. The goal is to successfully complete the tasks as a group, but more importantly to uncover The Saboteur as individuals. Throughout the game, players take quizzes about The Saboteur’s identity and the contestant(s) with the least number of correct answers is eliminated from the game until the final contestants remain. For more detailed rules, click here.

Sabotage, based on The Mole

Game Info

  • Based on: The Mole
  • Number of Players: 8 - 20
  • Duration: 6 hours - 3 days
  • Recommended Setups: 16 players / 2-3 days; 12 players / 2 days; 10 players / 1 day