Hall of Fame

Congrats to the winners of our recent Reality Rush games! If you win, you’ll have the honor of being in our Hall of Fame!

Mario Rivas &
Kimberly Patterson

URBAN HUNT: Los Angeles 11/19/2011

Angela Wong & Kevin Wong

URBAN HUNT: Los Angeles 5/01/2011

Jessica Stockton & Joshua McVey

URBAN HUNT: Los Angeles 4/30/2011

Shannon Sardella & Melissa Sardella

URBAN HUNT: Los Angeles 4/10/2011

Dave Dettore & Allison Dettore

URBAN HUNT: Los Angeles 4/9/2011

Bonnie Ratner & Paul Liebeskind

URBAN HUNT: Birthday Hunt 1/15/2011

Shawn O’Conner & Kristina O’Conner

URBAN HUNT: San Diego 2010

William Tong & Katie Kondo

URBAN HUNT: Los Angeles Nov. 2010

Tami Fields & Chris Kinnard

URBAN HUNT: San Francisco 2010

Monaca Leo


John Kazlauskas & Mike Hundgen

URBAN HUNT: Los Angeles April 2010

Raquel Dalton

EVICTION: Sherman Oaks

Shaun Smith & Stephanie Alpert

THE RACE: E! Live Events

Matthias Schildwachter & Pat O’Donnell

THE RACE: Los Angeles

Evangeline Fabia & Jim Cartwright

THE RACE: City of Angels

Jerod Ashton


Matt Dorsey