Reality Rush is proud to announce the return of our URBAN HUNT California tour for the Fall 2011 season Windows 10 Cloud. Last year, we brought amazing races to three California cities, and we’re coming back!

Here’s the schedule:

Urban Hunt pits teams of two against each other in a city-wide adventure race Download the old-floor yo-yo tower. It’s a scavenger hunt on steroids, where you and your partner will solve puzzles, compete in challenges and navigate the famous landmarks and back alleys of your city Weekly Idol. It’s a fun and exciting way to see your home city like you’ve never seen it before!

To sign up, click the link above for the city/date of your choosing 3030영어 다운로드.

If you purchased a ticket through either Groupon or HomeRun, please register:

For more information, check out the Urban Hunt rules and sample clues 윈도우10 1709.

See you at the hunt!

DEC 4, 2010: URBAN HUNT: SAN DIEGO. Fifty San Diegan hunters gathered at Rockin’ Baja Coastal Cantina this past Saturday for one heck of a hunt! Despite the sunny, 70 degree San Diego weather, many teams came dressed for the Holiday season, decked out as elves, Christmas gifts, reindeer and more 드래곤 길들이기 3 더빙판. (They were extra prepared for their visit to Balboa Park’s annual December Nights celebration, which rings in the holidays every year in San Diego.)

The Christmas-themed costumes didn’t come out on top in our costume contest, though. It was the colorful disco era leisure suit and sun dress of team Ottly Mercer (Ashley Day & David Garcia) that won first prize in our costume contest, narrowly edging out the dancing reindeer outfits of Santa’s Little Hunters 오토캐드 2019 무료.

Other runner-ups were teams dressed as Chilean miners, jumping frogs and San Diego Chargers fans.

As the hunt began, teams took off to Balboa Park, Old Town San Diego and the Gaslamp Quarter to solve clues and challenges. In Balboa Park’s December Nights festival, teams danced to the Cajun tunes of Gator by the Bay, did their best SeaWorld penguin impressions, explored the bustling Spanish Village Art Studios and put their botanical skills to the test in Zoro Garden 데몬툴즈.

In the Gaslamp Quarter, teams had to bowl their way to strikes at East Village Tavern + Bowl, explored San Diego’s Historic Buildings district, and found their way to Mr. Padre, Tony Gwynn.

Teams also visited San Diego’s historic Old Town neighborhood. After searching for things like covered wagons, live donkeys and blacksmith anvils, they taste-tested the hot sauces of Hot Licks, and made their own hot wax dipped candles at Toby’s Candle Shop Download Rainbow Six Takedown. They also paid a visit to the The William B. Kolender Sheriff’s Museum, where they got to ride a police motorcycle and testify at the witness stand of a mock courtroom.

After a successful hunt, the team that took home the top URBAN HUNT: San Diego prize, with the speedy time of just 2 hours 43 minutes, was the Chilean Miners, Shawn and Kristina O’Conner don't starve together 다운로드!

They were followed by our second place team, Legal Eagles (Priscilla Johnson and Sara Youngers), with a time of just over three hours. Third place went to team Coast to Coast, Kathleen Waldvogel and Anthony Sorantino.

Congrats to our winners, and all of the teams who competed on Saturday. We had a great time in San Diego, and we hope to see you all next year Download webtoon dockgo!



1. Chilean Miners– Shawn O’Conner & Kristina O’Conner 2:43:00
2. Legal Eagles– Priscilla Johnson & Sara Youngers 3:01:00
3 equalizer apo 다운로드. Coast to Coast– Kathleen Waldvogel & Anthony Sorantino 3:16:00
4. Jumping Frogs– Alyssa Fanelli & Emma Lawson 3:31:00
5. Parkour!– Heather Korner & Abby Mennerich 3:22:00
6. M.O.B.B.– Kristi Christenson & Celia Sepulveda 3:25:00
7 aicloud 다운로드. Amazing Quest– Lynne Bath & Mark Bath 3:26:00
8. Two Man Wolf Pack– Andrea King & Jason Lane 3:35:00*
9. Team Hobbie– Veronica Hobbie & Keith Hobbie 3:37:00
10. Team Carey– Andrea Carey & Joseph Carey 3:38:00
11 Freemp3. In Sickness and Health– Cherie Linneman & Keith Linneman 3:46:00
12. Ottly Mercer– Ashley Day & David Garcia 3:48:00
13. Team to Beat– Michael Blair & Bianca De La Torre 3:53:00
14. Pythons– Dave MacGregor & Tyler MacGregor 3:57:00
15 이랑 신의 놀이. Sofa King Cool– Enrique Muro & Ivette Rodriguez 4:07:00
16. IDK– James Boydon & Kare Moore 4:10:00
17. Cat-astrophe– Andrea Currie & Cliff Currie 4:11:00
18. Nick’s Tricks– Nick Cervante & Jenny Harris 4:14:00
19. Hoagie– Frank Lai & Haeji Hong 4:17:00
20. Team Vonah– Michelle Mears & Lingko Phongkhammy 4:38:00
21. Santa’s Little Hunters– Danielle Griffith & Cindy Mishler 4:49:00
22. Flower Pots– Janet Beronie & Molly Beronie 4:51:00*
23. Ageless Elite– Lisa Roche & Lori Tappe 5:30:00*
24. Lion Force– Rosemary Bridges & Pete Sitagkoune DNF
25. Cinnamon– Amy Maletz & Melissa Rible DNF
*Teams that incurred a time penalty for incorrect or missing clues.



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NOV, 20 2010: URBAN HUNT: LOS ANGELES tested the true competitive spirit of our hunters 사전 어플. With forecasts (wrongly) predicting a day drenched in rain, our competitors in attendance proved a threat of bad weather wouldn’t ruin their day Download The Great Escape 4! The Hunt started off with our costume contest that included Team Greasy Monkeys who were ready to get their hands dirty, Team Interstitials who were dog-gone it excited to race and crowd favorite and winner Team Magic who were ready to pull a win out of their hat 맨발의 디바 다운로드!

As the hunt began, teams took off in all different directions heading to various Downtown neighborhoods to solve clues and challenges Credit Munby.

After successful hunting, it came down to the closest foot race we’ve ever seen for the win 동영상 다운! With near flawless execution and strategy, Team We Dream of Amazing Race was crowned the winner of URBAN HUNT: Los Angeles edging out Team 2Legit2Quit by only 60 seconds Download Production x101 4.

This was the first time William Tong and Katie Kondo of Team We Dream of Amazing Race had ever competed in this type of competition and their love for The Amazing Race made them a force to be reckoned with bve5 다운로드. Also new to adventure races was third place Team Interstitials and fourth place Hurricane Hurlic so a big congratulations to our top teams and all of our competitors Download the website image in bulk.



1 got2000 다운로드. We Dream of Amazing Race– William Tong & Katie Kondo 3:14:00
2. 2Legit2Quit– Hannah Levin & Stephanie Pollok 3:15:00
3 kview 다운로드. The Interstitials– Patrick Cunningham & Michelle Weisbaum 3:40:00
4. Hurricane Hurlic– Tam Hurlic & Kelly Hurlic 3:50:00
5. Sanduners– Amy Horst & AJ Woodsum 4:01:00*
6. Orange– Laura Scarpati & Jason Fisher 4:19:00
7. Team Magic– Cary Kingdom & Leroy Warner 4:20:00
8. Greasy Monkeys– Caitlin McCarthy & Keeley McCarthy 4:35:00
9. Goonies– Jackie Levine & Sarah Smith 4:41:00*
10. Quad M– Mike Mondi & Marla Montgomery 4:50:00
11. GoGo Luckey– Chris Burt & Amanda Ahmad 4:55:00
12. Hurricane Hurlic 2.0– Troy Brown & Folami Lacy 5:00:00*
13. KevCath– Kevin Lee & Cathy Hou DNF
*Teams that incurred a time penalty for incorrect or missing clues.



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OCT 16, 2010: URBAN HUNT: San Francisco kicked off Reality Rush’s California Tour with a huge success! Teams of two checked in at the Embarcadero Center outfitted to take the city by storm. They used their creativity and sense of humor to compete for the Best Costume prize and to show off their team unity bve 다운로드.

Top costume contenders included Team Wasians who spent hours tattooing their entire bodies and made homemade convict outfits and Team Fresno in overalls, but Team WTF (Witness The Fitness) was voted the winning team for their double-decker tourist bus costume!

As the hunt began, teams were excited to spend a beautiful fall afternoon exploring San Fran 곰티비 영화 다운로드! They completed clues and challenges in various neighborhoods including Chinatown, The Mission, and Inner Sunset. Teams had to interpret Chinese characters to locate the Golden Gate Cookie Factory, test their martial arts skills at the Paresh Martial Arts and Yoga Center, get in touch with their inner performer at the Circus Center, receive fortunes at Misdirections Magic Shop and give back to the community by making a donation to the Women’s Building.

In the end, Tami Fields and Chris Kinnard of Team Off Constantly were crowned the winner of URBAN HUNT: San Francisco Download elementary school textbooks. Their final time was an impressive three hours and thirteen minutes.

Second place went to Team Crazy Crab, and in third place was Team Dynamite.

Congratulations to our top teams and to all participants.

Thanks for a memorable and fun-filled hunt!


1 피닉스 바이오스. Off Constantly– Tami Fields and Chris Kinnard 3:13:00
2. Crazy Crab– Shelbi Elkins & Nick Kapranos 3:21:00
3. Dynamite– Chris Chan & Donna Ma 3:31:00
4. Dumms– Katie Boyd & Lindsey Grant 3:34:00
5 Garmin Mapsource. Alacritous Mighty Pistillate (AMP)– Tracy Goins & Catherine Kvasnicka 3:36:00
6. Hot Air– Kristen Mary & Julia Nelson 3:38:00
7. Salute Your Shorts– Maggie Gryko & Carolyn Hill 3:41:00
8. Jessmeister & Carrieanthropus– Jessica Chan & Carrie Chan 3:45:00
9 ngm. Wasian– Michael French & Julia Pinces 3:47:00
10. Waldo– Bagrat Amirbekian & Salem Kimble 3:48:00
11. Megmattaron– Megan Tracz & Matt Mendell 3:52:00
12. Failure to Communicate– Jeff Hamlin& Samantha Hamlin 3:54:00
13 어도비 인코더. Who Dat– Jerome McFarland & Phebe Wang 4:04:00
14. Thunder Kittens– Jessica Ho & Jennifer Kennedy 4:07:00*
15. WTF (Witness The Fitness)– Luis Aguilar & Kelly Simonson 4:14:00
16. Swarm– Helaine Imandelbaum & Alison Vorsatz 4:18:00*
17 아주부 영상. Family Business– Pat Albano & Adam Catigan 4:19:00*
18. Brothy– Ilana Bain & Glen Roth 4:25:00
19. Kick-Ass Ass-Kickers– John Tiernan & Michelle Vertiz 4:26:00
20. Dirty & Easy– Erin Murphey & Diana Navarro 4:35:00
21 Download the hack app. Pop Tarts– Pamela Ringer-Britz & Nicole Semp 4:40:00*
22. YT– Kelvin Chahal & Renee Emery 4:42:00
23. GoFlo– Jason Flores & Lidsay Goodlin 5:03:00*
24. Gung Ho– Diane Hoh & Darrell Hoh 5:41:00
25 Office 2007. EvRy– Eveli Alcazar & Ryan Loveman 3:56:00*^
26. Team Awesome– Stephanie White & Jenny Yi 4:23:00*^
27. Rockstarz!– Marni Heinz & Stephani Settimi 5:42:00*^
28. Where’s My Partner– Eduardo Caverzasi & Monica Bucci DNF
29. Peace Yeager– Tara Peace & Hannah Yeager DNF
30. Team Fresno– Eddie Colonna & Ben Curtis DNF
*Teams that incurred a time penalty for incorrect or missing clues.
^Teams that were disqualified for not completing a mandatory clue.

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