Over MLK Jr weekend fourteen friends and strangers traveled to Palm Springs, CA to play Reality Rush’s ultimate game of strategy, EVICTION 서피스 펌웨어! Based on TV’s Big Brother. Although it was their first time playing, they easily could have been pegged as an All-Star cast of hardcore gamers Download video editing!

The game kicked off with duo HOH winners Michael Hundgen and Brett Pugliese being forced to each nominate a player individually after living in separate houses Download the turning mecard coloring book. Michael nominated Marco Franzitta and Brett chose Big Brother super fan Patrick McDonald. Both nominees immediately put it all on the line – calling out alliances, exposing secret strategy and fighting to the end to stay in 노토 산스 cjk 다운로드. Ultimately, Marco was the first evicted, but helped set the tone for an intense game.


Throughout the weekend the Houseguests continued to battle for power in the game Download the Star1 remaster. From the start, the women dominated the challenges with multiple wins from Jamie Watkins and Brianne Trosie. Two “alliances” and friend groups were targeted throughout the first day leading to the eviction of Brett Pugliese, Amy Graves, Joey Tague, Brett Bynane and Max Follmer Download linux putty files.


After Michael Hundgen became the last casualty of the first day, the Houseguests were surprised when the first seven evicted players returned for a chance to get back in the game Rhino mac. Lasting over an hour in an endurance challenge, first evicted player Marco Franzitta returned to the game to turn the house upside down. When a majority of the house pressured HOH Brianne Trosie to nominate Marco for eviction, she shockingly targeted Patrick McDonald putting the house in a frenzy 프리 메이플 스토리.


As players kept getting evicted, a secret girls’ alliance that formed in the beginning of the game between Jamie Watkins, Brianne Trosie and Jenna Loomer constantly dominated the game Download DungeonShi3. At one point Jamie used the POV to save Jenna and later Brianne used a secret power to save Jamie and herself from the block. Combined they won 7 HOHs (out of 12) and 4 POVs all while keeping their alliance completely undetected 엑셀 97. Ultimately it was Mat Herman who broke them up by getting powerhouse Jamie Watkins evicted in between the evictions of allies Adam Reider and Joanna Collins.

After more than 30 mental and physical challenges, bold moves, blindsides and secret alliances, the coveted Final Four players included returnee Marco Franzitta, Mat Herman, Brianne Trosie and Jenna Loomer. In the end Jenna won the final HOH taking ally Brianne to the finals and earning the power to eliminate a jury vote in the case of a tie. The finalists both deserved it causing a 6-6 tie vote with the Jury and ultimately Jenna’s decision to eliminate Mat’s vote secured her a close 6-5 victory.


Congratulations to Jenna Loomer and all of the Houseguests for such a well-played game!



Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Round 7 Round 8 Round 9 Round 10 Round 11 Round 12 Finals
Jenna Patrick Max Amy HOH Mat Mike Patrick Adam Nominated Joanna Nominated HOH Winner*
Brianne Marco Brett P HOH Joey Max Nominated
HOH Adam
(Uses Coup d'état*)
Jenna HOH Marco Nominated Runner-Up
Mat Marco Brett P Amy Joey Nominated Mike Patrick Nominated HOH Joanna HOH Evicted
(By HOH)
Marco Evicted
Patrick Adam Jamie Nominated Evicted
Joanna Patrick Brett P Nominated Brett B Max Brianne Adam HOH* Jamie Evicted
Jamie Marco HOH Amy Brett B HOH Mike Patrick Adam Evicted
Adam Marco Brett P Amy Joey Max Brianne Nominated Evicted
Patrick Nominated Brett P Amy Nominated
Max HOH Evicted
Mike HOH Brett P Amy Joey Max Evicted
Max Patrick Nominated
Amy Brett B Evicted
Joey Marco Brett P Joanna Evicted*
Brett B Marco Max Joanna Evicted*
Amy Marco Brett P Evicted
Brett P HOH Evicted
Key Head Of Household Nominee Power of Veto Winner Original Nominee (saved by POV) Evicted
The names in the table refer to who each player voted to evict, or in the final round, who the player voted to win the game.



*Round 1: The first HOH had dual winners (Mike & Brett P), who each nominated one player each.

*Round 4: In a twist, the HOH had do nominate three players for eviction, and the top two vote getters were eliminated from the game.

*Round 7: The first 6 eliminated players competed in a challenge to return to the game in Round 7. Marco beat all of the other evicted players and rejoined the game.

*Round 8: Brianne found the Coup d'état, a power hidden in the house from the beginning of the game. This power allowed her to replace the two nominees on the block right before the final vote of the around. Brianne chose to remove herself and Jamie from the block, and put up replacement nominees Adam and Mat.

*Final Vote: As the final HOH, Jenna got to choose one player's vote to eliminate from the final jury in the event of a tie (prior to revealing the votes). The final vote was 6-6, a tie, but she chose to eliminate Mat's vote for Brianne, giving her the win.


Photos are also available on Facebook.


JAN 15, 2011: To ring in her 30th birthday, Karie Hunt gathered together her friends and family for what else — an URBAN HUNT Download the power diary! Teams explored Downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood, and competed in several fun challenges, including a variety of tasks inspired by Minute to Win It Castaway. Since several of the teams were from out of town, the race proved to be a challenge and fun way to explore LA.

In the end, the Lucky Lollygaggers came in first place with an impressive time of 3:42…proving that they weren’t lollygagging on the hunt 누덕누덕 스타카토 다운로드! Afterwards the teams gathered at Casa Restaurant to celebrate Karie’s birthday and trade stories from their afternoons. Happy birthday Karie from everyone at Reality Rush — we hope you had a great party Download a single-vowel keyboard!




1 Download the Pai Cham Library. Lucky Lollygaggers– Bonnie Ratner & Paul Liebeskind 3:42
2. Scarecrow and Scarecrow– Jeff Amos & Meggan Amos 4:08
3 Download thermometer. Companions– Keely Williams & Eric Hunt 4:09
4. Hitchhikers– Karie Hunt, Louis Goldberg & Dan Cooley 4:18
5 Download KiaChe. Team Awesome– Jillian Johnston & Steve Revacona 4:23
6. Wig & Boa– Eric Wiser & Jace Vargas 4:24
7 9월 모의고사. Evabella– Sheri Neva & Jen McGuire 5:05*
8. Presidential Robot Slaves– Mike D’Alonzo & Dana Vinson DNF
9 Sophos. Jackie Jormp Jomp– Rex Edwards & Corey Schaffer DNF
10. Texas Authentic– Gage Hunt & Lauren Hunt DNF
*Teams that incurred a time penalty for incorrect or missing clues Free download of hymns.



Over the weekend of August 14th, Reality Rush packed its bags and traveled cross-country to Olney, Maryland to run an URBAN HUNT event for over 120 teachers and faculty members at Our Lady of Good Counsel High School 저작권 만료 클래식. When Staff Development Administrator, Gail Donahue, was looking for a unique way to kick off the school year, URBAN HUNT offered the perfect opportunity to unite her staff through teamwork and competition Download The Succubus Play.

On Monday afternoon, August 16th, the staff of OLGCHS divided into 32 teams consisting of 3-4 members per team 까탈레나 안무 다운로드. Each team was created based on mixing up ages, gender, and school departments to allow the staff to interact with faculty members they may not have worked with in the past Download the Siemens plc program. At the start of the hunt, each team was given an envelope with 19 clues worth a total of 50 points. Each clue had a different point value and if successfully completed, would earn the team points Comics Hip Hop. The team that finished with the highest point total and in the fastest time would win a $200 cash prize and be crowned winner of URBAN HUNT.

Over three hours, teams worked together and drove themselves around the surrounding Olney area solving clues, completing challenges, and learning about its historic past Aquaman. Teams sang karaoke to classic songs such “Sweet Caroline,” and “I Got You Babe”. They went paddle boating and golfing in Rock Creek Recreational Park and blueberry picking in Ashton announcement ppt template. They discovered and explored history by taking pictures at sites including a slave log cabin at a stop on the Underground Railroad in Woodlawn Manor and a 1912 Ford Model T Roadster at the Sandy Spring Museum 거북이 음악 다운로드.

In the end Team 1045 led by Captain Skylar was the first team to cross the Finish Line with a perfect score of 50 pts taking home the top prize and more importantly earning bragging rights for the entire school year Windows 7 HyperTerminal! Closely behind in 2nd place also with a perfect score of 50 pts was Team 1036 led by Captain Lauren. All teams did such a great job and couldn’t believe how much fun it was to feel like a kid again, to compete with and against one another, and to become closer to staff members in the process Doctor Strange1.

We can’t thank OLGCHS enough for such an amazing experience and wish them the best of luck in their upcoming school year!


1st placeTeam 1045 Captain: Skylar – 50pts
2nd placeTeam 1036 Captain: Lauren – 50pts
3rd placeTeam 1031 Captain: Marianne – 50pts
Team 1029 Captain: Pat G. – 49pts
Team 1026 Captain: Debbie McK. – 48pts
Team 1027 Captain: Megan – 48pts
Team 1032 Captain: Nikki – 48pts
Team 1033 Captain: Sean – 48pts
Team 1025 Captain: Jon – 47pts
Team 1040 Captain: Mike H. – 47pts
Team 1047 Captain: Brett – 47pts
Team 1052 Captain: Franny – 47pts
Team 1037 Captain: Amy P. – 46pts
Team 1055 Captain: Patti – 45pts
Team 1030 Captain: Will – 44pts
Team 1044 Captain: Kenny – 44pts
Team 1048 Captain: Jorge – 44pts
Team 1050 Captain: Luis – 44pts
Team 1034 Captain: Rick – 43pts
Team 1038 Captain: Ben Christian – 43pts
Team 1039 Captain: Blair – 43pts
Team 1028 Captain: Nicole – 42pts
Team 1049 Captain: Sylvia – 42pts
Team 1056 Captain: Bob S. – 42pts
Team 1046 Captain: Theresa – 41pts
Team 1041 Captain: Todd – 40pts
Team 1042 Captain: Rich S. – 36pts
Team 1043 Captain: Cathie – 36pts
Team 1053 Captain: Steve 35pts
Team 1054 Captain: Chuck E. – 35pts
Team 1035 Captain: Pat R. – 34pts
Team 1051 Captain: John S. – 34pts