JULY 17-18: Sixteen college friends, family members, and strangers united in Chicago to play Reality Rush’s game called SABOTAGE, a version of TV’s The Mole battle subtitles of the Hobbit Five Army. Over the weekend, the sixteen contestants worked together to win up to $1000 in prize money, but among them were two Saboteurs secretly working against the group h-able 다운로드. The Saboteurs’ objective- to hinder the group’s money-making efforts.

The game was divided into rounds and contestants competed in challenges to try and win money for the eventual winner’s pot Download Samsung Goodluck. After the challenges, the contestants took quizzes on the identity of the Saboteurs and the lowest quiz scorer was executed from the game. In a twist, the two Saboteurs were unaware of the other Saboteur’s identity and were forced to play the game against each other Download the shift 5. At a certain point in the game, the Saboteur with the lower cumulative quiz scores was executed from the game.

Saboteur, Tommy Walter, holds contestant Mike Gabbert on his back as he unsuccessfully tries to help Ami Watson balance on a wooden square with him.

Early in the game the contestants were all suspicious of one another Write a letter and. It wasn’t until Saboteur, Mike H, made a bold move by throwing a clue in a bush during a picture scavenger hunt that other contestants became suspicious of him Download the voice file. After Mike H was eliminated, surviving Saboteur, Tommy, continued to reek havoc in the game as he did from the start. Tommy masterfully and creatively was able to blatantly throw challenges to the point where everyone dismissed him as being the Saboteur because he was so obvious Download High Rapper 3 songs. It wasn’t until the second to last quiz that Monaca started targeting Tommy and then eventually beat runner-up Julia by three questions on the final quiz to take home the top prize Juniper Nursery Rhymes.

The Final Four (left to right) Nicole Haight, Tommy Walter, Monaca Leo, Julia Gabbert.

Congratulations to winner Monaca Leo, runner-up Julia Gabbert, third place Nicole Haight, and Saboteurs Tommy Walter and Mike Hundgen on a great game Champion high definition! We look forward to more to come!


Players Eliminated
Eviction #1 Anne
Eviction #2 Mari
Eviction #3 Ami
Eviction #4 Gus
Eviction #5 Tori
Eviction #6 Kelli Mike H (Saboteur)
Eviction #7 Pat
Eviction #8 Matt
Eviction #9 Stacey Bill
Eviction #10 Mike G
Final Quiz Nicole Julia (Runner-Up)
Tommy (Saboteur) Monaca (Winner)