“This is a total mindgame! I have no idea who I can trust.” — Brad Milison

Sixteen players gathered in the Los Feliz neighborhood of LA this past weekend, to play Sabotage (based on The Mole) — Reality Rush‘s ultimate game of strategy 주키퍼!

Sabotage Los Feliz contestants


Most of the players were competing to win money, but two of them were Saboteurs — moles, double agents, working for us, to secretly sabotage the other players fm 2015 다운로드. Contestants cracked codes, and solved tasks in locations such as Hollywood Blvd.’s famous star walk, Griffith Park, Hollywood cemetery, and Los Feliz; all while keeping a careful eye on their fellow players to figure out the identities of the Saboteurs Download several YouTube!



The game began with the dropping of a bombshell: instead of there being just one Saboteur, there were TWO Download when a man loves! Players had to pay even more attention to their cohorts’ suspicious behavior throughout the game — and Julie, Brandon and James quickly became top suspects club auditions.

The first two executions left the four players who knew the least about the Moles’ identity out to try…but Julie and Jim (who earned exemptions in the first two rounds, respectively), were just barely saved 오피스2016 스탠다드. If they did not have exemptions, it would have been them who were executed.

Sabotage Los Feliz contestants


At the third execution, the first of our Saboteurs was executed 오토 캐드 2008. James, the most suspected Saboteur, got executed, leaving several players who did not expect him floored. One Saboteur remained.

The next day, the remaining contestants attempted several more tasks — some even competing against their executed comrades — but the work of the Saboteur was even more suspicious aoa mp3. By the end of the game, the players managed to complete only 60% of the tasks…due in no small part to the Saboteur.

But who was it? Who was working against them the entire time Download Resident Evil2? The final quiz revealed that the second Saboteur was Morgan — whom only a handful of players zeroed in on until the very end. Jerod scored highest on the final quiz, just narrowly edging out Runner-Up Brad by a few questions Download ransomware vaccine. A great game all around!

Players Eliminated
Eviction #1 Rachel Julia
Eviction #2 Brandon Geraldine
Eviction #3 DJ James (Saboteur)
Eviction #4 Lee Jim
Eviction #5 Christine Jackie
Eviction #6 Lindsay Julie
Final Eviction Mary Brad (Runner-Up)
Morgan (Saboteur) Jerod (Winner)