EVICTION: Northridge, CA

What do you get when you put 12 Big Brother fans in a house for the weekend to play EVICTION? Answer: The best 30th Birthday Party ever for Big Brother, superfan Korey Kuhl Download Windows 10 Wallpaper! This past weekend Korey and 11 of his best friends locked themselves up in Northridge, CA to battle it out to win Reality Rush’s EVICTION, based on TV’s Big Brother 한국사 기출문제.


The houseguests started off the game Friday night competing in a series of challenges where Matt Brandner and Justin Maccaro were crowned the first duo HOHs fedora22 다운로드. The contestants spent the night scheming and first thing Saturday morning Tyler Oakley and Zach Holt were nominated for eviction. By a 7-1 vote, Zach became the first evicted houseguest in what kicked off a day full of intense gameplay Download the tree planted person.


Throughout the first half of the game houseguests faced off in HOH and POV competitions and adjusted to new twists in the game 피망 뉴 맞고. Jonathan Akhavan was the second player evicted and the next four evicted houseguests – Peter Adams, Matt Brandner, Adam Pryor and Justin Maccaro – all had one thing in common… they sat on the block next to Sarah Dziuba who never went home Age of Empires 2!


Heading into the second half of the game, former evicted houseguests competed to come back into the game 명탐정 피카츄 더빙 다운로드. First evicted player Zach returned as the HOH and nominated birthday boy Korey against the ultimate pawn Sarah. Evan Mayor won the POV and used it for the first time in the game to save Korey 클립스튜디오 불법. Tyler Oakley became the replacement nominee and after escaping eviction 4 times, Sarah was voted out.


The final six consisted of Tyler, Korey, Evan, Zach, Matt “Carli” Caragliano and Steven McKillop who won HOH building breaker. Steven, who had been playing both sides of the house, decided to make a big move and nominated power couple Korey and Evan. Korey won the POV and saved Evan (instead of himself) and Tyler became the replacement nominee again in an effort to break up Korey, Evan and Tyler as a trio Download Mononoke Hime.


Before the Eviction Ceremony, Korey made a huge move and used a secret power in the game to save himself and Carli went up against Tyler. In a round that kept the entire house shocked with all the twists and turns, Carli was sent packing followed by Evan making the final four Tyler, Korey, Steven and Zach.


As the final four battled it out for HOH and POV, Tyler, who had not won a single challenge the entire game, came on strong with back to back wins. Viewed as a huge jury threat, since he was previously on the jury and returned to the game, Zach was voted out by Korey making the final three Tyler Oakley, Korey Kuhl and Steven McKillop, the self-proclaimed three biggest Big Brother fans in the house.


During the final Eviction Ceremony the jury grilled the final three on why they deserved to win. Tyler argued he made others do his dirty work, Korey elaborated on having a major role in voting out every player and Steven explained how he played both sides of the house with a sense of honesty.


When it came time to crown a winner, the jury was almost unanimous. By a vote of 8-1-0 Steven McKillop won over the jury by a landslide, Korey Kuhl took second place and Tyler Oakley finished in third.


Congratulations to Steven, Korey and Tyler and all the Houseguests on a great game and fun birthday!





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