Reality Rush runs a variety of games, inspired by your favorite Reality TV shows! Click one of the logos below to find out more about each of our games.

THE RACE, based on The Amazing Race. An action packed race where teams of two explore the city by completing challenges and puzzles along the way.

OUTLAST, based on Survivor. The classic game of enduring the wilderness and social survival. See if you have what it takes to outlast your competiton!

SABOTAGE, based on The Mole. One of your teammates is a double agent, secretly sabotaging your tasks. Can you use your skills to detect a traitor?

EVICTION, based on Big Brother. The ultimate game of strategy! You’re locked in a house with fellow contestants. Can you convince them not to evict you?

URBAN HUNT is an exhilarating upgrade to the traditional scavenger hunt! Team up with a friend, work together to solve clues and think outside the box to finish first.