THE RACE, based on TV’s The Amazing Race, is an exhilarating competition where you’ll explore a city, and complete tasks that will challenge you in new and exciting ways. Teams of two race against each other in a series of legs and at the end of each leg the team(s) that arrives last may be eliminated from the game.

How It’s Played

THE RACE, based on TV’s The Amazing Race, is an exhilarating way to explore a city, where teams of two complete various tasks that will challenge you in new and exciting ways. THE RACE is divided into different legs and is played on a point-to-point basis by obtaining various clues and by completing different challenges. There are several types of clues including: detoursmergesroad blocks, and route info. Teams receive a clue at the beginning of each leg and depending on the type of clue, follow the instructions and complete any challenges.


Teams race from clue to clue until they reach the Pit Stop where they check-in with the Host and are told their current standing. The last team or teams to arrive at a Pit Stop may be eliminated from THE RACE. Any penalties incurred by teams during a leg, such as using roadside assistance, are given to them before they can check-in.

After checking in at each Pit Stop, teams are given a rest period until other teams check-in. Teams must wait at or near the Pit Stop until the Host gives them their next clue to continue the next leg. Teams are released from the Pit Stop in heats determined by the order of their arrival from the previous leg. Teams race until the final teams race to the Finish Line. The first team to successfully cross the Finish Line is declared the winners of THE RACE!

Featured Events

One of the best ways to explore any city is by racing around solving puzzles and challenges in a competition that pits teams of two against one another with one objective – don’t come in last! In The Race we can turn any destination into a multi-legged course that makes players truly feel like they are playing in their own version of The Amazing Race. Reality Rush co-founder Pete Berg fell in love with this show as a teen which inspired him to produce his own version for friends as a hobby. It still remains his favorite game to produce to this day. Here’s a few of our most memorable races:


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