Reality Rush is an adventure coordination company that produces full-scale events based on your favorite reality-TV game shows.

About Reality Rush

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to play in your favorite TV game show, this is finally your chance! Our full-scale competitions give you the opportunity to navigate a city, survive the competition, avoid eviction, or detect a traitor. It’s your chance to stop watching from the couch and to finally start playing! Our games are perfect for all types of groups and events such as reunions, birthday parties, corporate outings, group team-building, and more! Bring together family, friends, co-workers, and strangers than to bond over a truly unique experience that is guaranteed to provide life-long memories.

URBAN HUNT is an exhilarating upgrade to the traditional scavenger hunt! Team up with a friend, work together to solve clues and think outside the box to finish first.

OUTLAST, based on Survivor. The classic game of enduring the wilderness and social survival. See if you have what it takes to outlast your competition!

EVICTION, based on Big Brother. The ultimate game of strategy! You’re locked in a house with fellow contestants. Can you convince them not to evict you?

THE RACE, based on The Amazing Race. An action packed race where teams of two explore the city by completing challenges and puzzles along the way.

SABOTAGE, based on The Mole. One of your teammates is a double agent, secretly sabotaging your tasks. Can you use your skills to detect a traitor?

CUSTOM EVENTS. Let us design a game tailor-made for your group!


Pete Berg


Pete has always had a thirst for adventure. An avid traveler, he has visited 48 of the 50 U.S . states, traveled throughout North America and Africa, and spent 6 months backpacking through Asia in 2008 — traveling from Japan all the way to India, paying visits to the Beijing Olympics, Mount Everest, and trekking in the Himalayas along the way. As an Eagle Scout, Pete spent his childhood camping and trekking all over the United States.


Pete produced his first Reality TV inspired event in eleventh grade, when he put on a Survivor weekend on Susquehanna River’s Hiawatha Island, for his Venturing crew . In high school, Pete ran several more events, based on The Mole, The Amazing Race, as well as elaborate games of his own creation.

At Ithaca, Pete produced a highly-acclaimed version of The Amazing Race for his college TV station . Pete coordinated a crew of 70 and edited over 200 hours of footage to create The Race and The Race 2, which were seen by over 30,000 viewers and received quite a bit of press.


Justin Walter


Justin Walter is originally from Naperville, Illinois and earned degrees in Political Science and Philosophy from Boston College. Ever since watching the first episode of Survivor, Justin has been a huge fan of Reality TV competition shows. Justin took his love for these shows to a new level when he hosted and produced his first full-scale competition based on Survivor for his family in 2002 . The following year, Justin produced his first game based on The Mole and realized his true passion for creating these types of events.


Since then, Justin has hosted, created, and participated in over 100 competitions based on TV’s SurvivorThe Amazing RaceThe Mole, and Big Brother. Justin’s favorite part about running these events is using his background in leadership training to bring together family, friends, co-workers, and strangers to create long-lasting memories through living out their very own game show adventure!

In addition to organizing these games, Justin has always been an avid adventure-seeker himself with a passion for travel and meeting new people. He has lived all over the U.S. including Chicago, Boston, NYC, and LA as well as in Sydney, Australia. Justin is a travel content creator and loves sharing his travels on his travel blog Around The World with Justin.


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