OUTLAST, based on TV’s Survivor, is the classic game of wilderness and social survival. Can you survive in the outdoors with minimal supplies, while outwitting your competitors?

How It’s Played

OUTLAST, based on TV’s Survivor, is the ultimate game of social politics combined with battling the elements of living in the outdoors with minimal supplies. For the first portion of the game, players are divided into tribes that live in separate camps. In each round of the game, there is an immunity challenge where teams compete in intricate challenges that test the players mentally, physically, and strategically. The team that wins immunity is safe from the vote and the losing team is forced to attend Tribal Council where the player who receives the most votes is eliminated from the game. Some rounds of the game may also include a reward challenge.

At a certain point in the game the teams dissolve, everyone plays the game as an individual, and players compete for individual immunity. As players are voted out, the jury begins to form and gains members until the Final Tribal Council where someone is crowned the winner of OUTLAST!

Players must come up with their own strategy on how to best play the game, such as forming alliances or causing a blindside. At different points in the game there may be twists and players may also face exile which gives them the opportunity to search for a hidden immunity idol.

Featured Events

The TV show Survivor will always hold a special place in Reality Rush co-founder Justin Walter’s heart because it’s the program that got him obsessed with reality competition game shows where he ran his first ever game for his family as a teen. Survivor changed the landscape of reality TV forever and giving fans of the show the chance to experience and play in their own version of the show is one of Realty Rush’s favorite things to do. Even in a game full of strategy and manipulation, roughing and competing in the outdoors bonds all participants in such a special, long lasting way. Here’s a look at some Outlast highlights:


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