URBAN HUNT is an exhilarating upgrade to the traditional scavenger hunt! Teams work together to solve clues, compete in challenges, and think outside the box to finish first.

How It’s Played

URBAN HUNT is a thrilling and innovative scavenger hunt where teams work together to solve puzzles and complete a series of challenges. In this game, teams receive a clue sheet that takes them on an adventure throughout a city or town. It is up to each team to solve the clues on their own or with the help of family and friends, to successfully complete mental and physical challenges, and to navigate their own route. Then it’s a race to the finish line!

Teams can solve the clues by using their own navigational aids, by calling family and friends, or by asking strangers for assistance. Many racers have helpers at computers that can look up information on the internet and help them over the phone. If teams get completely stuck, they can call roadside assistance to get help from the URBAN HUNT organizers, but will receive time penalties. Teams must only travel by foot or public transportation, including the metro, subways, and buses.

At clue destinations, teams complete challenges. Challenges may range from taking a team picture at a location, solving a specific answer to a question, and completing mental or physical tasks. Once teams believe they have successfully completed all of the clues and challenges, they must travel to the designated Finish Line to have their answers checked by the URBAN HUNT organizers. The first team to cross the Finish Line with the most amount of accumulated points and fastest time is crowned the winning team of URBAN HUNT.

Featured Events

Our most popular event by far, and one of the easiest and most fun for large sized groups is Urban Hunt! From large corporations to birthday and bachelorette parties we have run Urban Hunt events all over the country! What we love most about Urban Hunt events is we can run them in any city or town for any group size and every time we run them our clients have a blast solving puzzles and clues while exploring. Here’s a look at some of our favorite Urban Hunt events:


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