EVICTION, based on TV’s Big Brother, is the ultimate game of social strategy, adaptation, and creative thinking. Can you convince the other players to keep you from being evicted? In this game contestants coexist in the same living environment and face off against one another in challenges for power in the game vote each other out.

How It’s Played

EVICTION, based on TV’s Big Brother, is the ultimate game of social strategy, adaptation, and creative thinking. The game is divided into different rounds. In each round players face off in an HOH Competition that tests them mentally, physically, and strategically. The winner of the challenge becomes the Head of Household (HOH) for that round of the game. The HOH has the responsibility to select two nominees for eviction and reveals his or her choices at the Nomination Ceremony

The players who are nominated for eviction have the opportunity to save themselves by competing for the Power of Veto (POV) along with the current HOH and three randomly selected players. The winner of the Veto Competition has the power to save one of the nominees from eviction and reveals his or her decision at the Veto Ceremony. If the POV is used on someone who is on the block, the HOH immediately chooses a replacement nominee.

After the nominees are finalized, players attend an Eviction Ceremony where the player with the most votes is evicted from the game. Following the eviction, the remaining players compete for HOH and the cycle of the game continues. As players are evicted one-by-one, the jury begins to form and gains members until the Final Eviction Ceremony where someone is crowned winner of EVICTION!

Featured Events

We have run many EVICTION games for fans of the Big Brother TV show including N*Sync’s Lance Bass, two time Amazing Race finalists Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl, plus more!  No matter the occasion, we guarantee locking up a group of friends and strangers into a house will force you to expect the unexpected. #ButFirst, here’s a look at two of our favorite Eviction events.


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