SABOTAGE, based on TV’s The Mole, is the ultimate “who done it” game of deception and strategy. In this game contestants work together to complete challenges while one player secretly sabotages the group’s efforts. Can you detect the traitor?

How It’s Played

SABOTAGE, based on TV’s The Mole, is the ultimate “who done it” game involving deception, detection, and strategy. The game is divided into different rounds. In each round, players work together as a team to complete a number of tasks in a designated amount of time. If a task is successfully completed, the players add a predetermined amount of money to the pot. The team’s goal is to make as much money as possible throughout the game. Although the players are working together as a team, one of them is secretly working undercover to sabotage the group’s money-making efforts as The Saboteur. The Saboteur’s job is to keep his or her identity a secret from the other players, while at the same time manipulate the game and the players. 

Throughout each round, players must pay close attention to what is happening in the game and use their notebooks to record pertinent information. Players are given a quiz about The Saboteur’s identity at the end of each round. After taking the quiz, players attend the Execution Ceremony where the lowest quiz scorer is executed from the game. Players are continuously executed from the game until the finalists take the final quiz. Everyone attends the Final Execution Ceremony where someone is crowned the winner of SABOTAGE and the identity of The Saboteur is finally revealed!

Players must come up with their own strategy on how to best play the game, such as forming alliances. At different points in the game, there may be twists and players may be offered exemptions.

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The Mole is one of, if not, the smartest game show on television and we are so happy the original series has been rebooted on Netflix! What we love most about Sabotage is unlike most reality game shows that involve strategy and deception to win, there is no voting involved. Everyone in the group is working together to complete tasks to earn money, but with select members secretly against the group it is up to you and you alone to play Sherlock Holmes in this exhilarating “who done it” mystery. If and when players get eliminated, the fault lies in their own hands. Here’s a look at two of our favorites:


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