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Looking for a group event that incorporates elements from our games, but isn’t based on an existing TV game show? We’ve got you covered! Let us get a better understanding of your group’s needs and wants to come up with a customized event that effectively and best achieves your goals.

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Games Tailor-Made For Your Group

Reality Rush is able to run custom events for your group, ranging from a few hours to full-scale scale adventures over a weekend . There’s no better way for your group to bond and to get to know each other better, and you’ll form memories that will last a lifetime!

Our events are perfect for:

  • Corporate outings and retreats
  • College / High school groups
  • Birthday parties
  • Bachelor / Bachelorette parties
  • Team building or Group ice breakers
  • Anyone who wants an adventure !

Featured Events

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As reality competition fans and television producers, we love running events based on their favorite game shows, but even more creating custom events that meet the goals and needs of any group. Competition games are an innovative and special way for any group of family, friends and strangers to bond with one another to create lifelong memories. We love speaking with clients on what their biggest goals for the event our and then help guide them to the event that best fits their needs and wants. In that process, we often have to create customized team building events that use elements from our standard games, but adjust them to fit a client’s specific needs. Here’s an example of a few we are proud of:

Client: Toyota

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Duration: 4 hours

Participants: 120

Toyota came to us wanting to bring together their Southern California staff for an afternoon of team building. They loved our Urban Hunt event, but wanted to do an event in the South Bay area which does not have easily accessible public transportation. Due to this, we created a customized Urban Rally event for over 100 people taking them on an adventure throughout the South Bay in the greater Los Angeles area using cars. In addition to creating challenges and puzzles, Toyota also asked us to incorporate the 4 Toyota Brand Pillars into their course which include 1) Inspiring 2) Innovative 3) Exciting and 4) A New Toyota. Teams spent three hours discovering new parts of the beach cities while getting to know their fellow Toyota employees better being forced to communicate and problem solve throughout the course solving clues.

Client: Teach For America

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Duration: 3 hours

Participants: 20

Teach for America was holding a conference before the start of the school year and wanted to spice up their agenda with a custom team building event. Their conference was held at the Annenberg Beach Club in Santa Monica, CA so we came up with a series of team building challenges for them to compete in. In an Olympic style competition, where 4 teams were each competing against each other to win, teams competed in games that tested their mental, physical and communication skills. With a backdrop of Santa Monica beaches under sunny skies, the Teach For America staff brought the competition!

Client: WEtv, David Tutera’s Celebrations

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Duration: 6 hours

Participants: 100

David Tutera is a celebrity event planner and had a TV show on WE tv and one of his clients hired him to do a book launch. As a part of that experience, David wanted there to be 3 rooms with experiential team building challenges that related to the author’s book. We created custom activities and then our team ran them at the book launch event for the television show. In this event we had to not only create challenges that would satisfy David, the author and the guests, but also would make good television.  

Client: @SummerBreak

Location: Venice, CA

Duration: 4 hours

Participants: 6

Summary:The web series @SummerBreak wanted to pull out all the stops for their season finale episode, so they contacted us a few weeks ago to help them run a scavenger hunt at Venice Beach. The series follows the lives of a group of recent high school graduates on their last summer vacation before they head off to college and aired in real time over social media — Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. A big part of our job was to incorporate a LIVE social media component, where the cast needed their fans’ help to complete a few of the tasks. We planned a custom event that took elements of both URBAN HUNT and THE RACE, and also required the @SummerBreak kids to have their Twitter followers play along. The hunt turned out great — you can see it on the Season Finale of @SummerBreak  — it takes up 14 minutes of the 24 minute season finale!

Reviews of Custom Events

The challenges really made us examine the dynamics of how we interacted with each other. I learned a lot about myself, the way I am under pressure, and a lot about how I communicate. I would definitely recommend this to anyone! It’s great for a good time, for team building, and for personal growth. It can help any organization, team, or business function more effectively!
– Anne Cusack

I’ll always remember how much fun it was to get excited about and to invest energy into playing. I really valued how much everyone laughed and let themselves get caught up in the game! Adults and teenagers are rarely encouraged to play and let themselves get passionate and silly about games, but this was a chance to compete in a game that was intellectually and physically challenging on an adult level.
– Becca LaPlante

I want to do it again! It was unlike any experience I’ve had and forced me to think outside of the box and do things I’ve never done before.
– Ashley Nierman

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