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OUTLAST, based on TV’s Survivor, is the classic game of wilderness and social survival. Can you survive in the outdoors with minimal supplies, while outwitting your competitors?

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How It’s Played

OUTLAST, based on TV’s Survivor, is the ultimate game of social politics combined with battling the elements of living in the outdoors with minimal supplies. For the first portion of the game, players are divided into tribes that live in separate camps. In each round of the game, there is an immunity challenge where teams compete in intricate challenges that test the players mentally, physically, and strategically. The team that wins immunity is safe from the vote and the losing team is forced to attend Tribal Council where the player who receives the most votes is eliminated from the game. Some rounds of the game may also include a reward challenge.

At a certain point in the game the teams dissolve, everyone plays the game as an individual, and players compete for individual immunity. As players are voted out, the jury begins to form and gains members until the Final Tribal Council where someone is crowned the winner of OUTLAST!

Players must come up with their own strategy on how to best play the game, such as forming alliances or causing a blindside. At different points in the game there may be twists and players may also face exile which gives them the opportunity to search for a hidden immunity idol.

Featured Events

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The TV show Survivor will always hold a special place in Reality Rush co-founder Justin Walter’s heart because it’s the program that got him obsessed with reality competition game shows where he ran his first ever game for his family as a teen. Survivor changed the landscape of reality TV forever and giving fans of the show the chance to experience and play in their own version of the show is one of Realty Rush’s favorite things to do. Even in a game full of strategy and manipulation, roughing and competing in the outdoors bonds all participants in such a special, long lasting way. Here’s a look at some Outlast highlights:

Nate’s 30th Birthday Party

Location: Malibu, CA

Duration: 3 days, 2 nights

Participants: 18

When Scott reached out to us to tell us he wanted to plan a surprise Outlast birthday party weekend for his best friend Survivor superfan Nate, we couldn’t have been more excited to help plan this blindside! Working closely with Scott we gathered a group of 18 friends to camp at Leo Carillo State Beach in Malibu California to celebrate their friend Scott’s 30th birthday. From a Friday night to a Sunday afternoon we threw this group into their own Survivor-like world. With the backdrop of rugged cliffed beaches with caves, off the grid camp spots, hidden idols, tribal council in the forest this group of friends got the Survivor experience they dreamed of and are still talking about it today.

Mitch’s 30th Birthday Party

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Duration: 1.5 days, 1 night

Participants: 10

Mitch is a Survivor superfan so he wanted to bring together his best buds to play in a version of his favorite TV game show so that’s exactly what we delivered! We headed to Afton State Park, Minnesota with a group of 10 friends and strangers for a 1 night, 1 day game. From the start this group of gamers played the game with intensity starting with blindsides and big moves at the very first tribal council. As the game continued the tribes competed in physical and mental challenges, shifted alliances an had to adapt to brand new twists in the game.  Although he didn’t Outlast his friends to win his own birthday party, Mitch couldn’t have been happier getting to turn his Survivor dreams into his reality.

Reviews of Urban Hunt

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When I was explaining to friends the event Reality Rush was coming to MN to put on, they said to me “You could just come up with some fun games and do this same thing at a campsite yourself for free.” Those friends – are no longer my friends. Having your event brokered by a professional host is priceless. If you are a fan at ALL of any of these reality shows, a Reality Rush event will be one of the coolest experiences you will ever have without having to get lucky enough to be on the show. Even if the only survivor you can remember is Richard Hatch from the turn of the century, you’ll STILL have an awesome time. We did the the event based on Survivor called OUTLAST. The challenges are well thought out, exciting, and JUST difficult enough to be frustrating yet completable. The creativity and depth of the challenges is what really impressed me. The host also throws in a bunch of other survivor mainstays like hidden immunity idols, treemail, and even getting your tiki torch snuffed at tribal council when you get voted out. (ok that hurt a little) Just one example of Reality Rush’s attention to detail and their desire to get people playing a serious game – one of the rules for our game was that when you went to the pump to fill up your water bottle, you couldn’t go alone, but you could only take one or two other people with you. This forced us to scheme and strategize with different combinations of people – the TRUE survivor experience. To anyone that is reading this review and decides to have Reality Rush come do an OUTLAST event, I would be happy to come play with you if you need more people. – Mitch M

Did this last weekend for my brother’s 30th birthday at Afton State Park in Minnesota. Justin, the host, did an unbelievable job and was a consummate professional. Everything was organized and planned out to a T, down to the lingo he used, challenges, immunity idols, tribal councils, tree mail, etc. It was just about as authentic as you can get. I wasn’t a huge Survivor fan like some of the other players, but I am now. I will definitely be doing this again and enthusiastically recommend it to anyone looking for a fun, competitive weekend outdoors with friends, family, coworkers, or even acquaintances. – Collin M

It was one of the most intense, action packed, fun-filled experiences I have ever done. I was so impressed at how organized this event was. The crew was so encouraging throughout the whole game and you could tell they were just as excited as the contestants. It’s also a great way to push yourself to do things you probably thought you would never do and bring out your competitive side all while having fun!
– Erika S

Such an amazing escape from the same old routine! It was so refreshing to get away from everything to a place where time had no value. Being technology-free felt great! I brought my cell phone with me, but didn’t look at it the entire weekend. I met so many new people, learned a lot about myself, and created life-long memories. – Matt D.

It gave us shared, positive memories across generations spanning 50 years. New friendships were formed while others were tested through the game-playing. I absolutely recommend these games to everyone because they build friendships through common experiences, are entertaining in unexpected ways, and appeal to both the individual competitor and team player in all of us.
–Tom W

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