Top Slider – 5 total images, can be cropped vertically for mobile / displayed horizontally on desktop – see top of for sample. Ideally some kind of animated / parallax effect like the “Slider Revolution” at the link. Need to make sure that slider images can be cropped in portrait for mobile.


SLIDE 1: Reality Rush Logo

Star in your own Reality TV games!

LINK: See Our Games -> Scrolls down home page to the games slider

SLIDE 2: Urban Hunt

See a new side of your city. Perfect for group team building events.

LINK: Find Out More

SLIDE 3: Forget about trust falls

More exciting than your typical team building event.

LINK: Our Games

SLIDE 4: Challenge and unite your team like never before

“We’ll design a custom game to bring your group closer together.”

LINK: Custom Events

SLIDE 5: Play an entire season in a weekend

“Are you a Survivor superfan? Play through all the immunity challenges and tribal councils. See if you can outlast the competition!”

LINK: Outlast

More potential slider images:

Games Slider

(Slider – scrolls similar to The Adventurists website)

Let’s try the circular “Logo Badges” (white version without flag) and place them on top of the “Game Posters” stock images (with color cast) that you have selected.

Make these logos WHITE and put on top of these images:
Game Posters / “Tint Color” from Brand Manual document

Put in this order, along with additional text on the bottom of each poster:

URBAN HUNT – “Explore your city like never before.”

OUTLAST – “Based on Survivor”

EVICTION – “Based on Big Brother”

THE RACE – “Based on The Amazing Race”

SABOTAGE – “Based on The Mole”

CUSTOM EVENTS – “Tailor-Made for your group.”

We would like to add a 6th logo and poster for “CUSTOM EVENTS” – TBD what the 6th poster image would be. Can you give us some images of stock images to choose from?

Add some navigational arrows to scroll each direction so that people know there’s more. (On desktop, the viewspace is wider so we see 3-4 posters across the screen, on mobile it will probably be more like 1-2.)
Link –  “More Info” button to each game page. (Do we need a button, or just make the whole thing clickable?)

We’re Reality Rush

Have you ever wanted to play in your favorite Reality TV game show? Reality Rush is your chance to star in the ultimate adventure.

Experience the unique thrill and exhilaration of playing in one of our custom events. Perfect for reunions, parties, teambuilding, special events, or simply adding excitement to everyday life.

Your adventure awaits!

Text block similar to The Adventurists website. (Check how it re-formats it for mobile.)

Custom Events

Reality Rush designs custom events for your group, ranging from a few hours to full scale adventures over a weekend. There’s no better way to bond and get to know your team. You’ll form memories that will last a lifetime!

Custom Events

Add a rush to your event

Perfect for:

Corporate Retreats

Corporate Teambuilding

Birthday Parties

Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

Family Reunions

Superfan Adventures

Explore Games

Swap to this picture (crop in a little bit to take out “Drunk Driving”)

Testimonials Slider

Just use name and age, no year. JUSTIN to to find headshots of each of these people.

“The closest you can get to being on the real show!”

-Shaun Smith, 35

“I was blown away by the complexity of the challenges and the organization.”

-Jackie Paul, 28

“A real life Big Brother experience…I felt like I was back in the house!”

-Dan Gheesling (Big Brother 10 & 14) – Figure out a way to share Dan’s Eviction Review

“It tested and pushed me to do things I never thought I could achieve, but did!”

-Evangeline Fabia, 38

“It was by far the best weekend of my life ever.”

-Jamie-Lynn Sigler (Actress, The Sopranos, Entourage)

YouTube videos: VH1 / Wendy Williams / Jimmy Fallon – Include video player shadowbox to include YouTube embed

“Such a fun, non-traditional way to get any group together.”

-Amy Barth, 37

“Truly one of the best adventures I’ve undertaken in a long time!”

-Gerry Johnston, 49

“My life would be complete if I could do one of these games at least once a month.”

-Mike Gabbert, 26

“It was so refreshing to do something new, fun, and with incredible people.”

Laura Scarpati, 26

Featured Events

Carousel of some sort. Link to top of “Featured Events” section on Games pages

Client Logos

HP, Turner, E!, TFA, USC, Toyota, WETV, Summer Break?, Optimatic, Playbuzz, 8Minute Energy, Alexandria, Crossover

(Justin to find these logos) – square / color

Instagram Feed

Include the most recent 6 to 8 posts from Instagram.

Justin to find photos and post them on our instagram account. – Post to Facebook & Twitter at the same time.

Contact Form

Contact us to start planning your event!

Desired Event (Dropdown box)
Describe your group (# of people, ages, etc.)
Location (City & State)
Event Date(s)
Additional Info / Questions (text box)

Additional Photo Gallery

Additional PHOTO GALLERY ON HOME PAGE with general images of different games. Can be used to break up the home page, refer to The Adventurists website for example.